Many people consider outpatient treatment in Dallas as the best option. They can continue working while they get treated for drug abuse. They like to be close to their loved ones like parents and children while they get counseling and treatment. These are people who can remain away from drugs if they decide to and require less expensive treatment.

Outpatient treatment in Dallas comes in many forms. There are few sessions of education followed by counseling sessions daily. Outpatient programs provide individuals flexibility with their schedules and can be close to home while they get addiction treatment.

Outpatient treatment and Care

The American Society of Addiction Medicine has prepared a treatment program to help clinicians decide which substance abuse treatment would be good for their patients and accordingly treat them. There are two types of outpatient rehabilitation treatments, standard and intensive. In standard treatment, a person has to attend 1 – 3 counseling sessions a week, one individual and two group sessions. These sessions are generally scheduled for the evenings and weekends and last for around two hours. The sessions work with peer support to help keep the patient sober and change his way of life.

The intensive outpatient’s program involves 10-20 hours of counseling a week. The patient will spend more time focusing on treatment and recovery while he is at home with his loved ones. The treatment may last for a few weeks or months.

90-day treatment program

There are inpatient programs for drug and alcohol rehabilitation which are 30-day treatment program and 90-day treatment program. Inpatient program includes partial hospitalization and aftercare which is needed by people who require an extra level of care.

In the case of inpatient programs the admissions are accepted any time during the day or night and 7 days of the week. The treatment is based on education and group sessions where the patient is thought to develop his recovery skills and strength in a safe environment.

Dallas Addiction Treatment Centers

Dallas addiction treatment centers provide hope and instill tools in an addict to study, heal, grow and change her or his life without the support of substances and compulsive behavior.  They provide hope for a better life and help with the right tools to make it a reality.

The cost for drug and alcohol abuse treatment is quite a lot and depends on how much the insurance will cover and what the individual will have to pay. The addiction centers work with a variety of insurance carriers and they will see what they can do. Addiction is a disease that is treatable and affects not only the individual but also the family. The treatment provided by the addiction centers must be comprehensive and address all the areas affected.


If you have a family member affected by drug and alcohol abuse take him for outpatient treatment in Dallas.