It is very obvious that the body of every person on the earth differs from the other in some or the other terms. It is because of the reason that the body depends on factors like weight, height, hormonal balance and other major factors. So is the case with the butts.

There are different types of butts based on the shape of the butt almost every person wishes to grow their butt bigger. There are several butt creams available in the market to make the butt grow big naturally. So in the blog below, there is a description of different types of butts and treatments to grow them bigger.

Different Types of Butts and Related Tips to Grow them Big

  1. Inverted V Butt Type

The inverted V butt type means having a narrow but from the bottom and much fuller around the hips. As there is more amount of fat around the hips, it might seem that the butt has an uneven shape with a muffin top.

Tips to grow them bigger and better:

  • Squats: It is very much interesting to know that any squats are highly recommendable to make the butt grow bigger and better.
  • Russian twist: The twist will help you get rid of the muffin top on the butt very easily.
  1. Square Shape Butt

As the name suggests, the square shape butt means having fat all around the butt in almost equal proportion. In such cases, the waist to hip ratio is almost equal. The square shaped butts are majorly dominated due to the thyroid hormone, and it also causes the fat to store on either waist, arms or upper hip.

Tips to grow them bigger and better:

  • Butt supplements: To get the perfect 3D effect despite the square shape butt, one of the best ways is to make use of butt supplements as it will help the butt grow big naturally.
  • Leg lifts: Leg lifting is an easy workout to get the perfect butt shape. It is advisable to perform approx 100 leg lifts in a day.
  1. Heart Shape or Ovary Type Butt

An ideal shape of the butt is the one that has its shape equivalent to heart. If a person has heart shaped butts, then it is very natural that her waist and shoulder are smaller in comparison to the butts. It will also give the perfect hourglass look to the body.

Tips to grow bigger and better butt:

The only problem with the heart shape butt is having more amount of fat around the legs and butt. It is not that hard to get rid of the extra cellulite as you can perform some strength training workouts and also lower body toning. With simple and easy steps, you can get rid of the extra cellulite and achieve the perfect hourglass shape.

There are various types of butts, and there are different types of treatments/exercises for each one of them to make them grow bigger and better. Some of the butt enhancement creams are best to grow the butt bigger naturally.