Physical therapy has grown into a diverse field of science. There are so many different types of physical therapies. Therapists are often overlooked by commoners. Unfortunately, physical therapy is much different and interesting. It comprises of many specialty areas. In this short article, you will read about these specialty areas.

#1 Orthopedic Physical Therapy

The list of physical therapies begins with “Orthopedic Physical Therapy”. During this therapy, the patient’s injuries and disorders are diagnosed, managed and treated. Orthopedic injuries deal with the musculoskeletal system. The therapy helps patients recover quickly and comfortably. Orthopedic therapists are educated and trained to treat arthritis, post-operative joint injuries, amputations, and sports disorders. It relies on electrical stimulation, hot packs, strength training and cold packs to improve the rate of recovery. Typical disorders and injuries cured by orthopedic physical therapy are:

  1. Bursitis
  2. Tendonitis
  3. Sprains
  4. Fractures

The therapist begins by recommending the right mix of exercises. The exercises depend on the person’s lifestyle, health, and condition of the joints, bones or muscles.

#2 Geriatric Physical Therapy

Geriatric physical therapy helps elderly people. Seniors and aging adults need to be physically active. Without the right amount of physical movement, aging will become a painful and an unhealthy journey. Geriatric physical therapy takes care of these concerns.  It deals with common critical health conditions like cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, incontinence, joint replacement, balance problems and hip replacement. Geriatric physical therapy is an important component of neurological and cardiac rehab therapies. It helps in reducing pain, improving mobility and increasing a person’s fitness levels.

#3 Neurological Physical Therapy

As suggested by its name, neurological physical therapy revolves around individuals with neurological diseases or disorders. Common types of neurological disorders that can be cured using physical therapy are cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s disease, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injury. People who have suffered stroke must undergo neurological physical therapy. The therapist works to improve the patient’s nervous system. They handle all problematic areas with care! With time, the patient will be able to walk independently, experience balance and recover from vision impairment. Neurological disorders can “destroy lives”. Without the hands of a trained physical therapists, recovery will be difficult (or rather impossible).

#4 Pulmonary & Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

Pulmonary and cardiovascular rehabilitation is a widely used form of treatment. Once again, the therapy deals with cardiopulmonary disorders. People who undergo pulmonary or cardiac surgeries are advised to take up physical therapy. The primary goal of physical therapists is to increase functional independence and patient endurance. People who have experienced a heart attack are suggested to work with physical therapists. To be more precise, therapists are a part of the cardiac rehabilitation program, there are great programs in California for sports medicine. Visit a sports medicine doctor Orange, County for a consultation.

Last but certainly not least, there are different types of pediatric physical therapies too. These therapies help in detecting health issues in children, adolescents, and infants. The therapy focuses on a wide range of diseases, injuries, and disorders that can affect the joints, bones, and muscles. The physical therapy improves coordination, motor skills, and balance.