The Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is the most effective way to boosting the performance of dogs. It is also been seen that not many dogs like the raw taste to ACV. Due to this, they are not having the habit of eating their regular food. ACV has many various advantages that are more beneficial to our dogs. We still need that our dog should be taking them. To know more about ACV check Here are some various useful methods for providing ACV.

  1. Few drops of ACV in bath water: Dogs are needed to be cleaned. For this people are using only water, soap or shampoos. Add few drops of ACV in the water and the water will get mixed with the bath water. This will help to clean the skin and fur of dog and removing all dirt away from their body. ACV is a natural component that will not harm the skin of dogs. It also helps to maintain the shine of the fur.
  1. Use in their favorite treats: There are certain food items which the dog loves the most. These are those food items which a dog does not ignore no matter what. Apply ACV in these items and the dog as they eat it all. In other various food items, the drops of ACV can be added easily. This will help to cure digestion problems in dogs.
  1. Treating ear infection: Like humans dogs also have wax in their ears. If the wax is not treated well then they will suffer from ear problem. For cleaning the ear just dilute the ACV with equal portions of water. Soak cotton in the mixture and clean the ear. For drying the ear uses a dry cotton pad. Before using a soaked cotton make check if there are any cuts in the ear.
  1. Remove the itchiness from paws: Itchiness in the paws of dogs is a common phenomenon. Due to this itchiness, the dogs are always scratching their paws at every available place that they can find. To remove the itchiness mix water with ACV in a bowl and soak the paws for 5 minutes. Do not use extra water to clean it and let it dry on its own.
  1. Curing tooth decay: This decay problem is an unusual one and can be easily cured with few usage of ACV. Just mix the portion of ACV in water or food according to 50 pounds per tablespoon. When the dog starts to consume the portion then tooth decay problem is solved in few weeks’ times.