Although not everyone was blessed with fabulous genetics, that doesn’t mean there aren’t little tricks we can use to upgrade what we’ve got, right? Right. While we are positive you are exaggerating when you say “I am not as attractive as the next person”, we’ll humor you and offer a few tips that will help you beautify that already gorgeous face of yours in just a few steps.

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Think face creams

You know what they say: all face creams are created equal, but some are more equal than others. Well, that’s not really the way that saying goes but you get the gist.

If you vaguely remember seeing your mother switch between creams depending on the time of day and occasion, you had an amazing role model. You may already know this (but it doesn’t harm stressing it) but what works for one person, doesnot necessarily work for the other. Also, some creams work great with oily skin and acne-prone complexions while others agree with dry and normal skin types. Before choosing the cream for you, make sure you visit your dermatologist or cosmetician for a consultation. Determine your skin type (if you haven’t already) and potential skin concerns, and choose thecream accordingly. Also, if you are past 30, it’s time you included a night cream into your beauty routine.Top-10-face-creams-for-dry-skin

Embrace natural beauty care

Turning to natural beauty care may just be the best thing you can do for your skin. Chemically-processed, toxin-packed beauty products are one of the main sources of skin irritation which, ironically, damage your skin. To avoid exposing your skin to such occurrences, turn to nature for solution. Apart from plenty of DIY products you can make yourself, there are also amazing organic and mineral brands that offer great solutions. Other than that, ingredients you want to look for in your natural products (or use them individually) are coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, liquid carrier oil, beeswax, arrowroot powder and essential oils. Mind you, essential oils aren’t actually, well, essential forany of the DIY mixes but they do have a wonderful smell and a relaxing effect on the senses.

Mind your makeup

Although we’re firm believers in “less is more”, these days makeup trends seem to be on steroids! From contouring to strobing and cakeing – a girl can’t catch a breath!

If you are a makeup lover and use makeup daily and heavily, the important thing to remember is QUALITY. To avoid drying out your skin and getting (even more) wrinkled, choose makeup from trusted brands. You can turn to mineral/organic makeup as well, as it’s way safer than the traditionally made one. Also, make sure you use proper foundation creams (before any makeup is applied, use a mild face cream for moisture) and don’t forget to remove makeup before bed.buah-mentimun

As for beautifying, there’s nothing like a red lipstick to up your game and a thick layer of mascara for eye-focus. Naturally, the way you do your makeup is a very individual thing, so we won’t be getting into tips of that sort. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, not only because you’ll save yourself from looking cheap but because you’ll save your skin from looking at least 10 years older. Ha!

Say YES to cosmetic surgery

No muss, no fuss… at least, not any longer. We are happy to see that cosmetic surgery is no longer a taboo and that more and more people are turning to its magic for help. When you think about it, why would anyone slave to their insecurities when things are easily and effectively fixable with the help of knowledgeable professionals! Whether we’re talking about light procedures that are done within a few minutes or more complex ones, cosmetic surgery is definitely there to make things right (or curvy). Make sure you don’t get carried away, though… you wouldn’t be the first.

Care about what you eatWhy-Is-Healthy-Food-Important

Everything you eat is directly reflected onyour skin. For that, it’s essential you stay mindful about your nutrition and water intake so you can enjoy your healthy skin glow for a long time. Oh and – you already know the drill: veggies, fruits, lean meats, water… small but regular portions. Lemon water. Dark chocolate. Avoid alcohol… That should cover it.