Yes, you heard it right. In this article, you will get to know about a famous cancer specialist, Dr. Suresh Advani. He is on a mission to fight against cancer and has already cured many patients.

Before that let us know a bit about cancer. It is best described as: When the abnormal growth of cells is observed, you are at risk. Immediately consult to a doctor as prevention is better than cure.

Well, you need to know a bit about Dr. Suresh H Advani, a renowned oncologist in India. He is the pioneer of cancer treatment in India. You might be astonished by knowing that Dr. Advani has been awarded numbers of national awards like Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan etc. We are going to discuss regarding him in detail now.

Professional: MD, FICP, F.N.A.M.S, (MRCS) Onc Head of Oncology Department, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, India.

Dr. Advani was born in a small family and more surprisingly he is a Sindhi, means from Sindh. You all might not know much about him that he was born in Karachi, Pakistan on 1st August 1947.Isn’t it great, 14 days before independence? Who knew that one day this Pakistan born boy will become a star in the field of oncology. But yes, this is a truth.

His Pain:

Well everyone who dreams big goes through a pain in his/her life. Dr. Advani also faced lots of problems and failures in his life initially. Suresh Advani dreamt of becoming a doctor since the day he was attacked by Polio. He was only 8 years old. It was hard for a small boy, who had not even seen the world and was paralyzed. But this paralysis did not break his determination and he started moving forward in his life slowly and graduation. Today he is called as the father of bone marrow transplantation in India. His strong determination and dedication to follow his dream paid him. He has an extraordinary mission to cure the virus named “Cancer”.

His Initiative:

He brought a revolution in the field of oncology and took an initiative to “Fight against cancer”. His inspirational journey of life motivated a lot of other doctors and inspired them to follow the same path. Dr. Advani helped people of Kerala, India by providing 350 beds hospital for cancer patients and also provided special training for doctors and mentioned to work there after his voluntary retirement from Mumbai. He believes in knowledge sharing and thus takes guest lectures and motivational speech for various medical institutions nationally as well as internationally.

Awards and Recognitions:

Now, let me tell you his awards and recognition as many of you might not know.

He is awarded for various contributions to Indian society (in the field of medicine).

Rashtriya Krantiveer AwardThis award is awarded to those citizens of India who contribute to social service and welfare of society. Dr. Advani was awarded Rashtriya Krantiveer Award for his contribution to Indian society for the welfare of cancer treatment. He was awarded in the year 2014.

Padma Bhushan Award This award is the third highest civilian award after Bharat Ratna and Padma Vibhushan. Dr. Advani was awarded in the year 2012 for his contribution in the field of medicine. It is honored by the government of India.

Dr. B. C. Roy National This award is awarded by the Medical Council of India. This is the highest award awarded to the prominent medical person of India. Dr. Advani was awarded in the year 2005 for his valuable contribution in the field of Oncology.

Lifetime Achievement This was awarded by Harvard Medical International to Dr. Advani in the year 2005 for his achievement in the field of Oncology.

Padma Shri Award It is awarded by the Government of India on Republic Day to Indian citizens for valuable contribution in different fields. While ranking wise it comes to fourth position award after Padma Bhushan. Dr. Advani was awarded Padma Shri in the year 2002 for contributing in the field of medicine.

Dhanvantari AwardThis is awarded to a person for outstanding contributions to medicine. Dr. Suresh Advani was awarded in the year 2002 for his excellence in medical service.

Being 70 years of age, he is still into helping patients to fight against cancer. He will soon start many campaigns which will benefit the cancer patients. His further move is to develop cancer centers where patients who cannot afford the treatment, can be taken care of with minimum amount and affordable cost. This will bring a big revolution in the field of Oncology.

List of Hospitals: Dr. Advani consults in Mumbai

  1. Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre

Email ID:

Address: 15 – Dr. Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road, Mumbai – 400 026.

  1. Sushrut Hospital

Email ID:

Address: 365, Swastik Park, Chembur East, Mumbai – 400071

  1. Breach Candy Hospital Trust

Email ID:

Address: Breach Candy Hospital Trust 60 A Bhulabhai Desai Road, Mumbai – 400026

  1. Asian Cancer Institute

Email ID:

Address: Somaiya Ayurvihar, Off Eastern Express Highway, Sion (East), Mumbai – 400 022.

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