Dr. Ed Picardi is a General Surgeon in Rapid City, South Dakota. The surgeon attributes the success he has had in his practice to treating patients with compassion. He believes that compassion and ethics are critical for practitioners in the medical sector.

Patient Care

Patient care is the crux of any medical practice. Ethics dictate that doctors should work within a specified framework and not act on their own. Not only should patients be treated with compassion, but doctors must also not engage in seemingly harmless unethical behavior such as choosing to see only the patients the doctor likes.

Treating patients with compassion and maintaining ethical standards not only helps the doctor but also medical practice becomes more effective. When patients feel that their physicians are going to protect their interests, they are more like to support initiatives and projects by the hospital.

Working with the Community

Dr. Ed Picardi has volunteered to go to some of the most impoverished communities in the world. Through the Samaritan Purse, he has been to Liberia and Togo. He saw firsthand how some communities are deprived off access to healthcare such that they have to cross state borders to find a hospital.

Working in Liberia and Togo, which are amongst countries with the lowest number of specialist medical practitioners, he met people from different backgrounds including physicians and patients from the community he served. When trust is established through compassion and ethics it is easier to mobilize the community to take part in programs for vaccinations, or blood donations which can be critical for underserved communities.

Purpose and Passion

Being driven by purpose and passion is a sure way to energize yourself and remain motivated in the face of challenges. Doctors who are simply pursuing a career or business goal, often find themselves weighed down by the myriad of challenges that practitioners in the medical sector face.

Dr. Picardi believes that patients will notice the enthusiasm in doctors who are driven by passion and purpose. This means that patients will find such doctors to be more compassionate and attentive. This benefits both parties as the patient is willing to share their problems and the doctor is in a better position to provide the highest level of care. Dr. Picardi believes volunteering in Liberia helped him regain his sense of purpose. Ed Picardi is currently in private practice with his wife where they continue to apply their principles of integrity and compassion.