With the alarming rise of people who deal with substance abuse, parents may feel that they have to take certain measures to make sure that their children remain clean and far from the influences of drugs. While some schools conduct drug tests, some drug users remain undetected. This is why some families may decide to take matters into their own hands to determine whether there are drug users in the family.

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of subjecting children to drug tests at home?

The Good

Similar to the deterrent qualities of conducting drug tests at schools, parents can put hope on the fact that children are less likely to do drugs if they are aware that they are going to be tested at any time.

If any of their peers begin pressuring them to do drugs, children from drug-testing families can just say that their parents test them and they wouldn’t want to be caught doing drugs.Image result for Drug Testing at Home: The Pros and Cons

Parents need to tell their children that they are only doing what is best for them and they are concerned about protecting them from the influence of drugs. If the motivation to doing drug tests at home is communicated to children correctly, then drug testing at home can be mutually beneficial for everyone involved.

The Bad

If parents go about drug testing their children at home incorrectly, then they could lose the trust of their children in the process. If done without proper explanation, then the children could think that their parents are accusing them of drug use when parents just want to deter them from doing so. Teenagers should be given trust and space and when parents suddenly spring random drug tests on them, the children could feel that their parents could not trust them.

As such, children who fear testing positive on drug tests at home can resort to tweaking or faking the results of the test just to be cleared. They would be led to lie to their parents and break their parents’ trust.

There is also the matter of getting false positives on test, and if parents decide to believe these positive results immediately without following it up in case it’s a false positive, then it could be very bad for the relationships inside the home.

In the end, it is a matter of proper communication between the members of the family to agree why the drug tests are being done. If families decide to drug-proof their homes, then they can avail of DIY drug tests to do so.