Here we are not just reviewing for the sake of it. We are informing the potential customers about the products. The testimonials will speak volumes about us. Hence, at Fat Burner Review, due care is taken to post comments for the products that have been tested and tried and only then reviewed.

Who Are We?

We are trained personal trainers who also work with researchers. We do not sell any such products.

We try the fat burners ourselves; give it our clients who evaluate it.

We put the ranking on our site and the visitors are allowed to share their own experiences with these products. We believe that these ranking we get are the most honest, accurate and unbiased rankings.

Why do we do what we do?

Like we said earlier, we are a group of personal trainers who also work with researchers, we know exactly what the products being offered on the internet are! They are more often than not, absolutely of no value and do not help in weight reduction.

We are here to help people who are serious about reducing their weight and are lost in this digital maze. What to buy and where to get the genuine products? These questions are always lurking in the minds of thousands of innocent people.

The internet shows many sites which claim to be selling fat burners. But who knows the truth!

In reality these sites are scam, where the web page developer who have no experience of exercise, nutrition or supplements. There simply set up an account with an internet affiliate marketing company and start selling!

As we said, we do not sell any product, we will refer you to the manufacturer to do your own research and find out the facts. Also we do not get any commission on providing you a link to the manufacturer.

One thing that we can assure you is that though all companies offering supplements are not scam but to know the right one matters. We guide you to the right product as our research is backed by clinical trials (by scientists) and university research. These products are real and are used by body builders and top athletes.

Now let us enlighten you about the rules for the visitors who wish to review.

First thing to be kept in mind is that one has to use respectful and genuine. The people visiting our site are wanting to buy these products after reading the reviews.  Hence sensitivity towards them is of utmost importance.

Second, the review should be meaningful and provide helpful information.

Third, one review per provider. Multiple reviews from the same person will not be considered.

Lastly, reviews which contain false claims will be taken off the site. However, we will do our best to understand the information. Hence, the information can be edited before being put up and a note that the information could not be verified can be included.

Use of offensive language in the post will be taken off immediately. Also posts which directly attack a specific person will be immediately removed.

We at Fat Burner Review Site respect the sentiments of the people visiting this site and will do our best to keep their faith in our unblemished.