Moving is never an easy thing to do. Picking up and transferring your life to a new city is fraught with all sorts of potential difficulties that could leave you feeling like your whole world is falling apart. One of those difficulties might be finding a new job as a healthcare worker. Just because the healthcare industry continues to hire at record pace does not mean your search for a new job will be a cakewalk.

If you have either moved recently or are planning a move in the future, we want you to know that you are not alone. There are untold numbers of healthcare workers looking for jobs just like you. Furthermore, there are both online and traditional resources you can utilize to make your job search easier. Take advantage of them.

We would like to do our part by offering you a short list of tips for finding that new healthcare job after a move:

1. Investigate Your Community

You will likely have some time between your move and your need to get back to work. Use that time to investigate your community thoroughly, even if you have just a few days to do it. You can continue investigating even after your job search begins. Why do this? Because any community of any size will have a set of potential employers that you may never know about if you do not make an effort to discover what’s out there.

2. Begin Establishing Your Network

Networking is essential to landing any kind of job. In healthcare, it may be even more necessary due to the tough competition. The sooner you begin establishing your network, the easier it will be to find work. For example, if you are a nurse you might want to find out when the next local blood drive is. Then go down and donate blood while also taking the opportunity to introduce yourself to the nurses and phlebotomy techs. Also, look for opportunities to attend local job fairs and industry-related seminars.

3. Connect with a Local Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies are an excellent resource to get yourself back into the working world after a move. Whether you decide to take temporary jobs for the remainder of your career or use the assignments to keep you going until you find a permanent opportunity, do not fail to utilize this very productive resource that is right at your fingertips.

4. Use Social Media

Use your social media outlets to your advantage. The six degrees of separation rule certainly applies to the job seeking area, so you never know what kind of opportunities might present themselves if you let it be known on social media that you are looking for work. Somebody might know somebody who knows someone else.

5. Scour Internet Job Boards

The reality of 21st-century job hunting is that printed classifieds are out and Internet-based job boards are in. As long as you are going to be spending time at home after your move, you might as well take advantage of it by scouring job boards whenever you have free time. The more you search and apply, the greater your chances of success.

Looking for a new healthcare job after you move may not be the easiest task you will ever face. But it’s one that cannot be avoided. So make the most of it. Make finding new employment your full-time occupation until such time as you land a job. Take advantage of the five tips in the list above and, if you know of anything else that might be helpful, embrace it as well.