Whether working out at the gym, or trying to stay fit while traveling the world and staying in hostels and hotel rooms, the squat is one of the easiest exercises for burning fat, building muscle, and improving your overall balance and strength. Squats don’t require any special, fitness equipment, and they can be done in even the smallest of spaces. By doing squats several times each week, you can improve your bone density, tone up your legs, and trim off unwanted fat. Following are four, impressive reasons to add squats to your workout routine.

Improve The Overall Alignment Of Your Physique

Although the squat is a simple and relatively stationary activity, it can boost your range of motion, strengthen your entire lower body, and improve your balance. Surprisingly, this exercise can even correct the overall alignment of your physique. If you haven’t done a squat in quite some time, you’ll likely feel stiff and sore when sinking down to assume the proper squat form. Certain joints won’t move as easily as you need them to, and they may even feel a bit out of place. Rather than scheduling an appointment with a chiropractor, however, you can simply repeat your squat for several repetitions and sets, several times a week. Over time, the related stretching and strengthening actions of this movement will cause you to become more limber, even as it realigns the spine, hips, and knees.

Naturally Boost Your Testosterone

Most men experience a noticeable decrease in natural testosterone production as they grow older. This usually occurs during their mid to late-thirties, or shortly thereafter. Low testosterone can create a host of uncomfortable symptoms that include mood swings, chronic fatigue, insomnia, depression, reduced muscle mass, and excess abdominal fat among many other things. Although guys can work with their regular doctors to obtain injectable, testosterone therapies, doing squats is a very natural and easy way to boost the production of this important hormone. This exercise engages all of the major muscles in the lower body, including the abductors, glutes, hips, and quadriceps. As new muscle development occurs, a man’s testosterone levels will invariably rise.

Start Squatting To Detoxify Your Body

Squatting helps massage and stimulate the glands, lymphs, organs, and organ systems. This action additionally improves blood flow and blood delivery, thereby making it easier for the body to rid itself of toxins at an acceptable rate. As such, doing squats on a daily basis is a great way to rejuvenate the skin, brighten the complexion, and enhance the look of the hair and nails.

Squatting Is An Excellent Cellulite Remedy

The true cause of cellulite remains a major subject of debate. In addition to helping flush out internal toxins that may be responsible for the development of dimpled and lumpy deposits of fat, squats also build up the layer of muscle that exists just beneath the subcutaneous fat. This may in turn, fill dimpled areas out, so that the outward skin becomes taut, youthful-looking, and smooth once more.