Zeltiq or Cryolipolysis is an innovative and non-surgical method that removes fat. Cold temperature is applied to a particular area of the body, and gradually, inches naturally disappear. Zeltiq has been approved by the FDA in the United States, and has already been used in Europe for years.

How Zeltiq Eliminates Your Fat

At the Laser & Skin Surgery Center in New York, Dr Lori Brightman uses Zeltiq and reports that the procedure works by removing heat away from fat cells. In time, your body naturally responds to the inflammation that materialises and consumes the targeted fat cells gradually.

One of the initial doctors that worked with cold by way of lipolysis was Dr Rox Anderson; who has also made compelling strides in utilising lasers in medical therapy over the years. Anderson stated that there’s an uncommon medical condition where newborns who are incidentally introduced to cold temperatures suffer from injury.

The interesting part is that just the fat dies and regenerates. The infants are perfectly fine, and they become thinner where their skin was exposed to the cold.

After more research, Dr Rox Anderson found that fat crystallises. He stated that the best comparison is a block of butter that contains a large amount of fat. Let the butter sit at room temperature for a bit, and eventually you’ll notice that the butter will spread easily, but if you take the butter out of a refrigerator, it will be rock hard.

What happens to that butter is that the molecules of fat crystallise, ‘freezing’ at a high temperature, much higher than water. Fat is the richest tissue in our body, and it goes through the exact process as the block of butter does.

No Pain!

This fat reducing procedure involves zero pain. Patients only feel a cold sensation on the surface of their skin along with a vacuum feeling. CoolSculpting in Adelaide treatment is an effective and straightforward process.

The applicator is put on the patient’s targeted area. The application then generates a vacuum which brings in the skin into the applicator, and then you will begin to feel the cooling take place on their skin. The cooling applicator stays on the skin for approximately one hour per application, however, the length of time varies from patient to patient depending on how many areas they want treated.

Proven Results

Results from the study of fat particularly in the love handle area demonstrated that the Zeltiq cryolipolysis procedure provides a substantial reduction in the fat layer with patients experiencing minimal discomfort.

Complete results aren’t noticeable until around four months following the procedure; this is because the body slowly eliminates the targeted fat cells. This process is a benefit especially if you don’t want anyone to know that you’ve had treatment.

Zeltiq is not a suitable treatment for individuals who want to lose a large amount of fat but it’s more suitable for individuals who have small areas of fat that they want to shed.