Century Orthotics & Medical Equipment is a family-owned store in Cypress that manufactures Orthotics Cypress for patients who have pain in the knee, back, ankle and wrist, contracture equipment Cypress for people suffering from contractures in hands, fingers, elbow, wrist, knee ankle, hip and feet, specialty equipment for people with special needs, neuromuscular electrical stimulators for people with spinal cord injuries and wheelchairs for people who cannot move.

The store has partnered with caregivers, clients, occupational and physical therapist, home health agencies and practitioners to provide the best care plan using the orthotics and medical equipment. The store has 50 years of experience and provides comprehensive services to clients to preserve and improve their mental and physical health.

Products supplied by Century Orthotics & Medical Equipment

Century Orthotics & Medical Equipment supplies a wide range of products to improve the life of people with immobility problems and other ailments like osteoarthritis, paralysis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, multiple scoliosis, and stroke. These ailments can decline the quality of life and daily functions of an individual.

The products supplied by Century Orthotics & Medical Equipment include wheel Chair, contracture equipment Cypress, neuromuscular electrical stimulators, orthotics Cypress, and specialty equipment. Orthotics help people suffering from muscle tension in the wrist, ankle, back, and knee to use braces and make life a little more comfortable. Patients who have paralysis use a wheelchair and carry on their daily functions. Patients suffering from knee contracture can use knee contracture brace to move easily while those having foot contracture have to use a boot.

Mobility Products

There is a wide range of products to help people with paralysis and stroke to move about easily. Which include Quad Cane- that is built with four feet to bear more weight and be stable.  It has non-skid rubber tips on all four feet for long life. The small design at the base helps with a faster pace.

There is also a T-handle fashion cane which can support a weight of 250 pounds. It also has a non-skid rubber tip. There is also an adult hemi- walker to help people with mobility limitation. The lightweight design allows semi-sidestepper to be easily maneuvered by one arm. It can bear more weight and provide stability. The height can be adjusted and bi-level hand grip provides extra assistance. There are forearm crutches to help people with limited mobility

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulators

This is used by people with spinal injury. It has a microcomputer controlled neuromuscular simulation unit. The power pack is battery activated with a recharger. There are skin electrodes which are applied on the surface. It has power and electrode cables. The stability of the walker can be controlled with control switches activated by fingers.

The microcomputer, software and other electronics are placed in the simulator that produces the electrical impulses and control the intensity of the stimulation and activates all functions. There are keys on the keypad that permit the user to increase and decrease the levels of stimulation to the muscles for step taking and standing. The intensity level of simulation is shown by a 10bar light emitting diode panel on the side of the unit.


Century Orthotics and Medical Equipment supplies a wide range of products to improve the lives of people suffering from osteoarthritis, paralysis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, multiple scoliosis, and stroke and make it worth living.