Many people have more or less spaces between their teeth. Irrespective of the reason for its cause, its treatment is very much necessary.

  1. Why to treat spaces between teeth?
  • Spaces between teeth need to be treated because they not only make your smile less attractive but also increase your chances of having plaque and tartar deposits, thus gingivitis, among others.
  • It then leads to sensitive teeth and loosened gum grip around the teeth.
  1. How to treat spaces between teeth?
  • Spaces between teeth can be treated with the help of dental brackets, more commonly known as braces, veneers and dental lumineers treatment in Dubai.
  • Having dental braces is not liked by many because it is visible and also creates discomfort in the mouth.


  • The option of dental braces is also plausible up to a certain age only in most of the cases. After that, brackets treatments may become difficult or less effective.
  1. Better and convenient option than braces:
  • As effective and convenient option of braces, dental veneers and lumineers are fast picking up pace.
  • Though visible, these are not noticeable because they are of the same color as teeth.
  1. What are Dental lumineers
  • Dental lumineers and veneers are very much similar but have a slight and important difference.
  • Although both are used to cover the teeth and the spaces between them, both have slightly different treatment process.
  • Unlike veneers, dental lumineers are ultra thin and highly translucent, hence replicate the natural look of teeth more effectively. They require comparatively less or no grinding down and shaping of teeth for fitting thus more comfortable for patients.
  • Dental lumineers are becoming more and more preferred among dentists and patients alike because of their less complicated and time consuming nature. Due to their thin structure, they create less to no sensitivity and discomfort in the mouth.
  • If attached properly, they also last for a considerable time period.
  1. Where to get best lumineers treatment?
  • Cocoona Dental Services is one such place where you can get the bestdental lumineers treatment in Dubai. We have the best team of orthodontics and cosmetic dentists in Dubai who first study your case and then decide the treatment plan instead of adopting general treatment plan.
  • Our dentists have vast experience of dental lumineers treatment, thus, provide you with the best advice and treatment. We also understand the importance of after treatment care and maintenance so help you in that also.
  • We also use different types of lumineers, according to your case’s requirement and suitability. We know how to help you get a complete and pleasant smile makeover so that you can create an stunning and breath-taking impression.
  • Cocoona Dental services offers the best treatment of dental lumineers in Dubai .