Hair fall, receding hair line and all other forms of male pattern baldness have become major issues that people are seeking to overcome at any cost. This is primarily the reason why clinics promising extraordinary results have popped up all across the country but how good are they, who determines the quality of service that they provide and how do we judge their knowledge and expertise

Hair transplantation is a procedure in which mature hair follicles from the back of the head are extracted and grafted into the areas that have scanty hair. This procedure is minimally invasive and done using very sophisticated surgical tools like extractors. The area from where the hair is extracted as well as that where the pits are made to insert the follicles, are subjected to local anaesthesia and the patient remains fully awake when the procedure is performed.Image result for Hair treatment from renowned trichologists and their reviews

Now, no matter how small, since incisions are made, there are always chances of the whole process going wrong if not done by experienced hands under sterile conditions. Following are the complications that can arise out of a hair transplant gone wrong:

Formation of cysts: Many a times it is seen that when the hair follicles are not carefully removed, cysts form in the area. These can be painful and even lead to further complications.

Scanty hair: In some cases where strip harvesting is done, hair does not grow in the area where the incision is made in order to extract the healthy follicles leaving an ugly mark at the back of the head. This then has to be masked with a hairstyle that requires long hair.

No hair growth in the region with grafts: Another case of transplants gone wrong is lack of hair growth on the head, on the donor as well as the recipient site.

Tissue Necrosis: When healthy tissue dies it is called tissue necrosis. In case the hair transplant goes wrong, necrosis can be seen in the areas where the procedure was not performed correctly.

Folliculitis: This is a condition in which the follicles are inflamed and develop pus after a hair transplant surgery.

All these conditions are absolutely undesirable and must be avoided at all costs and the best way to avoid them is getting the procedure done at clinics that have been there for long and have certified trichologists.

How to determine which clinic is safe for the procedure?

  • The clinic must have the required license to practice such procedures.
  • The trichologists in the clinic must have due certifications and should have specialization and expertise in handling the equipment used for the transplants.
  • The cost of treatment must be within industry standards and not too high or too low.

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