Cucumber water and fruit juices splashing in glasses, models sitting in lush green gardens with piles of fruits and vegetables, farmers shown growing organic vegetables- hi, you have just entered the world of detox phenomenon. Majority of my readers would be shaking their heads and rolling their eyes at this time, thinking why would they bother reading about a myth which does not actually exist and is just made up by some “crazy people”? True, huh?

Well people, you are in for a big time revelation! Detox actually exists and is known to be an effective solution for countless health issues *Surprise!* Many nutritionists and experts came up with this process in which toxins and chemicals leave human body, leaving it purer than before. This process is carried out in order to ensure that human body is not inflicted with any disease. In medical terminology, this process may not exist at all; however, users have claimed they have seen the positive impact of this diet in their life. People have exclaimed in delight when they see that they are not only losing weight, they are also improving their daily lifestyle.

Detox Through Raw Food
Eww! – Your reaction first time you heard of detox through raw food. However, this is a clever solution which allows the human body to get rid of toxins easily and quickly. When I was in Bali I did a detox which used exactly this method. The food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink, all are full of toxic materials and substances. Pollution and contamination have not left anything pure and clean. These toxins build up inside organs and block the normal functioning of human body. They could also lead to some chronic health problems, thereby crippling the quality of life. The human body has an inbuilt cleansing system which allows it to get rid of all toxins through viral diseases such as flue or cough.

However, this could take ages and toxins may not be filtered out effectively. Raw food has the capacity to release toxins completely from human body in a short span of time. Both raw fruits and vegetables not only eliminate the toxins, but also enhance the functions of all organs so that the human body is able to function efficiently. Let us explore the detox world and ponder upon the healing effects of using raw food for detoxification:

Gaining Back Natural Instincts
The craze of dining out and ready-made meals has changed our life style complexly. I really doubt that anyone of us bothers to read nutritional information printed on back of different products. In fact, I believe some of us may have known about the presence of nutritional information right now *wink*. As a result of such carefree attitude, our natural instincts are affected badly. Eating raw fruits and vegetables helps us in this regard. The taste of this type of food is completely different for our food palette. Our food buds taste natural food again and are able to function properly again. This means that intake of raw food leads to healing effects on our natural instincts which improves the natural functioning of human body.

Shield Against Toxins
The nutritional value of raw food is much more than the processed food consumed often. This type of food contains antioxidants and phytochemicals which not only flush out any toxins present in body, they also prohibit such chemicals from entering the body again. This means that an inner shield is built up which does not allow any toxin to enter our body again. Just think of raw food as Captain America, trying to save you from harm! *grin*. On a serious note, this shield also preserves our positive energy and allows us to be more active. Since no toxins could enter our body, it is regenerated on cellular level. This means that body starts to heal from all chemicals consumed previously. Just WOW!

Restoration of Balance
The toxins accumulating in human body are normally acidic in nature. This acidic material could cause a lot of health issues like heart attack, muscle and joint pain, headache, mental ailments and other similar issues. However, through the use of raw food, such toxins are countered by the release of alkaline material in body. The leafy vegetables as well as fresh fruits would provide a balance to human body so as to improve its functioning. It is due to this alkaline material as well which provides a healing impact to human body and allows it to speed up withdrawal of toxins present in various organs. As a result of such diet, our skin improves along with health restoration. As a result of balance achieved through raw diet, immense weight loss could also be achieved which is a dream of every woman I know (including me) *☺* This means that through raw food, the healing effects are not limited to diseases only, rather the impact is on entire body organs.

Slowing Down Aging
Premature aging is a consequence of many years of accumulation in the body of toxins and the accompanying process of cell degeneration. Consumed by us cooked products and artificial drinks negatively influence the cells of our body, which gradually begin to lose the ability to restore and rejuvenate. Of course, we cannot completely prevent aging, but raw food is one of the most effective means not only to prolong our life for years, but also to fill these years with life and energy.

General well-being and working capacity
Proponents of raw food as a way of life claim, on the basis of their own experience, that along with the improvement of the physical state comes a feeling of cheerfulness, clarity of consciousness, improvement in concentration and a surge of strength appears. Improvement of general well-being contributes to the formation of a positive emotional mood. You begin to perceive the world around you in a new way and fully enjoy it. Feeling of health, energy and strength, inner harmony and unity with nature will allow you to see the main, true values in your life that you can now devote much more time and energy.

I really hope you enjoyed this article and I have motivated you enough for raw food detoxification. I know it is quite difficult to follow but it ensures promising results. That is it for today folks! Au revior!