It is not uncommon to have pests living inside of your home. While some pests may make their way into your home, it is dangerous to let pests live in your home long term. Pests are very dirty creatures and they will put you and your family’s health at risk.

We know that pests are dirty, but do we know how to get rid of them? If you think that you have pests inside of your home you need pest control services. Pest control experts can come into your home and remove the pest and also be sure that they clean up any areas that have been contaminated by the pests living inside of your home. Now that we know that pests happen, do you know why they are so bad for your health?

Health Effects

There is no doubt that there are side effects associated with dirty pests living inside of your home. Depending on which pest has taken up residence, your family could be at risk of some very serious health effects.


Hantavirus is one of the most well known diseases that is associated with living with pests inside of your home. Rodents are very well known for stringing diseases along wherever they go. Hantavirus is mostly only found in rodents. However, when you have rodents living inside of your home the chances of the virus also making its way to your family is much more likely.

The symptoms of hantavirus are a lot like the symptoms of a very severe flu. You will ache, have sore muscles, you may becomes dizzy. The biggest changes come about 4 to 10 days after you have contracted the illness. You will start to notice shortness of breath and it will become increasingly difficult to breath. Hantavirus can be deadly. If you begin to have a bad case of what you think may be the flu you need to get to your doctor’s office if you have noticed mice inside of your home. The sooner you catch the signs and symptoms and can get the help of a doctor the much effectively a doctor is going to be able to treat your illness.

Hantavirus is not something that you should consider taking lightly. The disease is very serious, especially in humans. The death rate is particularly high in humans who have contracted the diseases from mice inside of their home.

Call Pest Control

You may be avoiding calling your local pest control company because you do not want to have to pay the fee of them coming to your home to remove the mice. You probably think that you can take care of the mice yourself, but that is not always the case. Mice can be difficult to remove from your home if they have started an infestation. Even if you decide to put a poison out in your home to kill the mice, they may still die inside of your home and spread dangerous diseases to your family. The cost of a pest control visit is going to much more affordable than having to deal with a very sick family member due to a disease that is contracted.