When home health care in Maryland is needed by you or by a loved one, it is comforting to know that the specific individual needs of the elderly, the disabled, those with various chronic debilitating illnesses, or those recuperating from surgeries have available services that can be provided right in their homes.

The clients are assessed and screened, a plan is created, and the numerous details are arranged for the personalized needed care and monitoring as well as acting as a liaison and support person to out-of-town family members. If it becomes necessary to upgrade the care in another facility, referral and financial information is shared and assistance is given for any move-in.

Experienced and professional caregivers are reliable, respectful, caring, dedicated, accommodating, sensitive to needs, are held to strict standards, and provide quality services. They are high-quality licensed personnel, with categories of both skilled and unskilled employees, depending on what level is called for in each situation.

Specialty Care Services is properly licensed, insured, and bonded. They are able to create a detailed individual plan that will benefit the person that needs flexible home care, whether it is for just a few hours, or for a short time on a regular basis, for hospice care, or as much as on a live-in basis. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, they can accommodate whatever schedule is required in Bethesda or Silver Spring, Maryland, as well as Washington DC and all the surrounding areas. They also provide caregiver support services that relieve caregivers from the burn-out and stress that comes from caring for a loved one.

All their caregivers are given a comprehensive evaluation prior to being hired, must have at least two years of experience with at least one year in a hospital or nursing home, have the necessary certifications and testing, undergo a criminal background check and a physical examination, and have constant support from the director of nursing.

Contact Specialty Care Services to have any of your questions answered and to make arrangements for the home health care that has become a necessity.