You may have read several articles on what to do when your cholesterol levels are high; most of the researchers and writers talk about how important it is for you to eat certain food items for the sake of bringing down your cholesterol levels; however, there are only a few articles that talk about what you should not do and what you should not eat when you have the problem of bad cholesterol in your body.

If you want to stay away from the ugly impacts of the increased cholesterol levels that you have, you must stay away from:

Fatty meat and meat products!

So you like munching on red meat as it consists of a huge portion of your regular meals; however, if your cholesterol levels are high, you should not only visit to read about the products that can bring down your cholesterol levels, but also focus on stopping the consumption of red meat and meat products. Meat has a lot of fats and these fats can boost the already increased bad cholesterol in your body. Switch to other food items that are not as fatty and harmful as the red meat.

The monstrous butter!

Another thing that you need to keep away from is the butter that you have in your pasta or on your toast in your breakfast. Before going to work, there are so many things that you are tied up with that you barely pay attention to anything at all, toast the bread slices, add some butter on top of them and then munch of them while driving to work. But this has to stop if your cholesterol levels are high. You must take out at least five minutes to prepare a bowl of salad for yourself (or a healthy sandwich without butter) for the sake of your health.

Fatty milk, cheese or yogurt!

You have to say a big NO-NO to fatty milk, cheese-dipped corn or heavy yogurt if your cholesterol is high. Once your cholesterol gets back to its normal-self, you can resume the consumption of such items, limiting their proportion for a healthier body.