Introduction: Constipation is the common problem in people. It is mainly due to the kind of food which we consume causes various health impacts on one’s body.

Home remedies to get rid of constipation

  1. Plenty of water- it is always suggested todrink plenty of water, being dehydrated worsen the situation for the problem, drinking plenty water eases the problem.
  2. Eat fiber-rich food- People suffering from constipation are always suggested to eat adiet rich in fiber. There are two kinds of fiber insolublefiber and soluble fiber.
  3. Insoluble fiber- Insoluble fiber includes wheat, whole grains, and vegetables. They add pressure to the stool and help to pass quickly.
  4. Soluble fiber- Soluble fiber is there in oats, barley, fruits,and They help in absorbing water which helps in losing the stool and improving consistency.
  5. Exercise more–It is very beneficial for constipation to do exercise. Regular exercise increases blood circulation, increase in blood circulation helps in perfect body movement, going for walks eases constipation. It reduces the problem.
  6. Drink Coffee- Coffee increases the tendency to go to bathroom more as compared to food or water. Coffee contains small fiber like a solution that helps in passing stools easily. Coffee helps in clearing the bacteria in thegut.
  7. Take Senna- Senna is an herb which helps in fighting constipation. Senna has a plant compound which helps in speeding up the movements of the bowel. Adults can use senna;women who breastfeed, pregnant or suffering from any health disease should not take Senna.
  8. Eating Probiotic food–Probiotic helps in preventing constipation. Constipation takes place due to bacteria present in the gut. Probiotic food produces lactic acid which helps in passing the stool easily. Probiotic food includes yogurt which aids in digestion. It is always suggested to use probiotic food daily for one month.
  9. FODMAP-In constipation FODMAP is very beneficial in removing issues. Along with FODMAP, it is always suggested to consume fiber-rich food and plenty of water.
  10. Consume prebioticfood–Diet fiber increases stool flow, fibers also improvethe digestive system. Prebiotic food helps in the digestive system and helps in fighting against bacteria present in the gut. Onions, garlic,and bananas are examples of prebiotic food.
  11. Magnesium Citrate– Magnesium citrate is a useful remedy for the treatmentof The proper quantity of magnesium citrate is required. A healthy diet needs to be taken to reduce constipation problem.
  12. Avoid Dairy– In many cases children may not digest cow milk, indigestion may lead to constipation. Calcium-rich food should be there in diet and should replace dairy products.
  13. Eating Prunes– Prune Juice is a natural remedy for treatment of constipation. Prunes are very prompt in therapy against constipation, they are better and more effective than fiber.


Conclusion- Constipation is one of the severe health issues faced by people. Home remedies can provide instant relief and help in reducing constipation. Home remedies have no side effects.

The particular guest article has been published by Jelina who is working at as a writer and publisher. Jelina is a hardcore native writer who love to travel, cook and more.