Male pattern baldness is one of the most common types of hair fall. The medical name for male pattern baldness is androgenic alopecia. People suffer from male pattern baldness because of genes and hormonal imbalance. This type of hair loss has a pattern; they usually start from your hairline or the crown of the head.

Causes of male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness is generally believed to be caused a person has a family history of baldness. It is associated with male sex hormones, i.e., androgens. Androgens help to grow hair. The hair on the head has a growth cycle. The hairs are placed in a tiny follicle. Once the hair follicle starts shrinking, it results in a reduction in the growth of hair. Over a period of time, the growth remains stagnant or fully stops.

The male pattern baldness can be identified if the hair loss begins through the hairline and on the crown of the head. Doctors performed several tests to analyze the exact reason for the loss of hair. A skin biopsy, blood tests, and several other tests are undertaken to diagnose the reason for male pattern baldness.

How can male pattern baldness be treated

Many people don’t have any issue with hair loss or their appearance. But if hair loss starts at a young age one needs to get treated as early as possible.

Generally, people use wigs for hiding the loss in hair. They even come in a variety of styles, color and gives you a fashionable look. Wigs can provide you with a natural look.

Minoxidil 5 is a medication for the treatment of scalp. It helps to reduce the frequency of hair loss and helps follicles to grow new hair. Hair loss may start once the medication is not completed.

Hair transplants is an expensive treatment. However, many people opt for this treatment as it is permanent and gives you a natural look.