Stanozolol is also popularly called by several other names such as Winstrol, Stanozolol Depot, Winstrol Depot, etc. It has benefitted several bodybuilders and professional athletes to achieve brilliant performance in the sports. Being an FDA approved drug, this synthetic anabolic steroid has been consumed by people without any risk of side effects.

One of the major questions that people have in their mind is “how long do they need to consume this effective steroid to get the desired results?

About Stanozolol

Stanozolol was developed in the year 1962 and is derived from Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This steroid is available in the form of oral tablets, injection, or as a pill. The consumption of Stanozolol allows the hormones to survive and get metabolized in an efficient way easily.


In what ways can one use Stanozolol?

Doctors mainly prescribe stanozolol for the treatment of a hereditary condition known as angioedema. In this disease, a patient gets swelling on face, genitals, throat, and bowel region. Consumption of Stanozolol helps in preventing these occurrences in an effective and reliable way.

Available in the form of tablets, they are also beneficial in the treatment of anemia, which is due to deficiency of iron content in the blood. Stanozolol is shared on bodybuilding message boards, for its exemplary benefits in improving speed, performance, and strength and muscle density in an athlete.

For what time period should one consume it?

Stanozolol is often recommended for short cutting cycles to generate positive results. The reason why this steroid is not advisable for longer cycles and bulking cycles is that it can lead to joint pain or dry joints. The half-life of this supplement in the oral form is nearly 36 to 48 hours whereas the injection is 8 to 9 hours. So, the dosage needs to be set accordingly.

A single Stanozolol test cycle is fifty milligrams per day for one and half month. Women who use it should take not beyond 5 to 15mg of it on a daily basis to get desired results.

As with any other drug, you need to be patient and disciplined in consuming steroid. Your sustained efforts and dedication will help you get the desired results. Consuming it in the right dosage and for the right time period as advised by the doctor would help you reap its amazing benefits to the fullest.