In today’s world each one of us likes to look fit and in shape, that is the reason we should take utmost care on our workout and eating regime. The twin goals of building muscle and losing fat at the same time are possible but you have to follow a pattern. It goes without saying that there are a lot of reasons to have a strict workout routine, as it helps in improving health, gaining muscle, burning of excess fat and just simply feel wonderful about you.

Most common question which strikes us when you plan to lose fat and build up muscle: When you are trying hard to lose fat, you are trying to lose your unwanted body mass; on the other hand when you are gaining muscle, you are aiming to do the opposite and build up your physique. Now the question which arises is: Is it possible for you to actually add muscle mass at the same time? To your surprise the answer is yes.

The most interesting fact is when you work on both goals at the same time, you will get maximum results, and the trick is many of the similar exercises that are great for burning fat are also very effective for gaining good muscle strength. If you wish you lose weight, you have to burn enough calories; your body needs to pull from the present energy stores that exist in yourbody, i.e. carbohydrate, fat and some protein, in order to function properly. The result is that you end up losing fat and unfortunately, you even lose muscle mass.

In fact, around 25 percent of the weight that you lose by following a low-calorie diet is in the form of good amount of muscle gain.  To achieve victory over both the goals you have to pay attention on two main things- weightlifting and protein.

Steroids help to build Muscle and Burn Fat at the same time

One of the means ways to burn fat and gain muscles simultaneously is to consume some acheter steroide which have fat burning and anabolic properties. Mostly, you will come across steroids which will either burn fat or build muscles. But there are some of them which work equally as well. There are some excellent steroids available in the market without having any sort of side effects, to help you achieve and make you closer to your goal. However, you should buy from a reliable source.

Here are some useful tips on Building Muscle and Losing fat simultaneously:

  • Do not try to do more than 2 hours of HIIT cardio in a week.
  • Try to emphasize on heavy, compound lifting during your weightlifting workout sessions.
  • Get enough sleep and rest.
  • Try to use the right supplements to speed up the process but in a safe way.
  • Try to maintain a moderately aggressive calorie deficit with proper kind of macros.
  • Try to follow a strict regime and avoid junk food.


As it is said that nothing is impossible under this sun, if you religiously follow the regime and abide by some rules, both weight loss and muscle gain can be easily achieved.