Collagen is a key fibrous protein in the human body and is one of the major structures in the skin. Collagen plays a crucial role in skin health and vitality. A human body has so many cells, organs, and systems and many of them are held together with collagen. This is because collagen’s adhesive properties are only matched by its ability to provide strength and structure.

This remarkable protein justifies many discussions especially when you are taking it in the form of supplements. From its production to how much you should take and more, what follows are the facts that you need to know about consuming collagen supplements.

When should you take collagen supplements?

According to the experts, it can be taken at any time provided that you get the daily dose of collagen peptides. Most of the people question ‘will collagen supplements really make me healthy?’ Well, it is the buzziest component in the wellness world and people are raving that it is the new ‘ingredient’ for improving gut health, soothing achy joints, and enhancing athletic performance as well.

How much collagen should you take daily?

There is no measure on the recommended daily collagen dosage but a convenient 11-gram scoop of organika collagen makes it easier for the people to measure the amount of collagen they require. Here is a rough idea of how much collagen protein you should take based on your requirements and goals.


The recommended dosage for bone mineralization and metabolism is 11g for a 150-pound individual. Hence, one scoop is all you need.


As we age, our muscle strength and mass decrease. To increase the muscle mass while trying to lose fat, you should take at least 15-gram of collagen protein per day. You can divide the dosage into four parts, that is; one scoop to your morning coffee and ½ scoop to all three meals. Alternatively, 2/3 scoop to your workout protein shake and another 2/3 scoop to your soup at lunch.


One scoop daily can reduce the appearance of cellulite as it will rejuvenate and strengthens the connective tissues under the skin.


For a healthy and breathing skin, one scoop daily is a recommended dosage. The intestines absorb collagen intact before transporting it to the skin. They will remain there for a couple of weeks, improving the appearance, elasticity, and moisture of your skin.

Do I have to take collagen on an empty stomach?

Consuming collagen as a supplement is healthy and an easy choice. However, the hard part is to determine the best way to take collagen. Most people claim that taking collagen supplements on an empty stomach has provided them with best results. The health experts abide by this method since you need the stomach acid to digest collagen. So taking collagen supplements empty stomach ensures that an individual is better able to break down the protein. However, this is not a necessity. Collagen is a light protein and it can be easily digested even when you are full, so you will still be able to obtain its benefits.

On the other hand, most of the health experts advise taking collagen supplements with Vitamin C in order to see real benefits. It is partially true as Vitamin C is responsible for boosting our body’s natural protection for collagen protein. So it is your choice how you want to take your collagen supplement, you will get the full benefits either way.

So take it when you like.

Best time to drink liquid collagen

There is no evidence that supports taking collagen supplements in the morning/night provides the best results. However, in theory, it is stated that human body repairs and regenerates while we are asleep. So the best time to drink liquid collagen is right before your bedtime. A scoop in warm milk will do the trick. However, you could take it whatever way you like, hot/cold.

As collagen is a light protein, it doesn’t put extra pressure on your digestion. Hence, it will not leave you with a ‘heavy’ feeling affecting your sleep.

How long does it take for collagen supplements to work?

Collagen protein has emerged as a great alternative to whey protein when playing sports or working out. For many years, this protein has been used as an anti-aging and skin treatment supplement. However, most people still don’t know how long it takes for collagen to work.

Actually, the answer to this question depends on the benefits you are looking for. That is;

  • For Skin, you will start seeing the results in 4 weeks
  • It will take 3-4 months for an individual with sports-related injuries to heal
  • It will take about a month or two to replace damaged muscles and skin tissue.


Collagen can provide extraordinary health and health benefits with lasting supplementation. But, you will not see the results the moment you start taking collagen supplement. It will at least take 4-6 months to experience its effect.