In layman’s language, craving is urge to eat. If the person is regularly taking the drugs then craving does not occur. But when the addict is on the de-addiction programme then he/she suffers from the drug cravings. The drug cravings are considered as one of the important withdrawal symptom. Drug cravings does not mean that the recovery programme is not good enough. In fact, the drug cravings will fade away from the life after some time of the programme. So here are certain tips which will help you to stop the drug cravings. So ponder on the below mentioned tips.

  • First, if you find yourself in a dangerous condition or any stressful condition then get up and leave the place because one of the major reasons behind the drug cravings is stress or fear.

  • Start using special tool and the special tool is distraction. You can use anything for distraction from the drug cravings like reading, writing, gaming, knitting, solving puzzles etc.

  • If you are suffering from the drug craving then you can use a substitute. The substitute should not be harmful like chewing gums, candy, any type of soft drinks etc. These substitutes play an important role during the drug recovery programmes.

  • Whenever you are on the recovery programme, you have to make a list of the people who will support you to leave the habit instead of triggering you to get back to the habit. Whenever you have drug cravings, make the call to anyone from the list of supporters. The list can include the partner, friends, family or any other sibling.

  • Make a lost of the reasons for quitting. Display it as a reminder around you. You can add the reminders on the phones, display pictures on the phone, as a quotes in the room. These reasons can be like health issues, family issues, emotional issues etc. So these reasons will ultimately motivate you to stop the habit.

  • God have a power which nobody can have. So prayer is another alternative to get rid of the drug cravings.

  • You can go to the shopping or go to the movie or plan a trip so as to avoid the drug cravings.