You’ve probably heard of Kratom, which is perhaps why you’re here in the first place as you’re seeking additional information about it. Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is, at its core, a tropical evergreen tree native to Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, and other South Asian countries.

This tree is part of the coffee family, and the extracts from the leaves and the leaves itself have many uses including being a stimulant and a sedative. Reports indicate that it’s useful for treating digestive ailments, chronic pain, and even as a means to assist in the treatment of opium dependence.

Is Kratom Legal?


Despite multiple controversies, Kratom is legal in the United States. However, do note that it’s not legal in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, and several European countries. When looking at it in the US, Kratom is usually classified and marketed as an alternative medicine. Interested buyers can find different forms of the leaves and its extracts, such as tablets, pills, and even the leaves itself being sold in different pharmaceutical companies and alternative medicine shops.

Why are People Using Kratom and How Are They Using It?


When used at low doses, Kratom works like a stimulant, according to reports. People who do use it at low doses will acquire positive effects such as attaining the feeling of being more sociable, increased alertness, and an enhancement in their overall energy pools. When used at high doses, Kratom becomes a sedative and can produce euphoric effects. It can also dull the emotions and sensations when taken in high dosages. One famous news of Kratom’s effectiveness is by a user known as andrew turner. Turner suffers from PTSD, chronic pain, Meige Syndrome and Dystonia, and combat-related disabilities. With the help of Kratom at small amounts, it helped combat his PTSD as he was able to become more sociable in public instead of suddenly freaking out as he remembers the past. He also acquired numerous other positive effects from the use of the leaves.n

The Stimulant Effects of Kratom


A small dose of Kratom will produce a stimulant effect in just a few grams of use, as per the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). The effects of are usually quick as reports state that the stimulating results can take place in as little as 10-minutes after ingesting it. Furthermore, the effects will last from 1 to 5-hours after use, depending on the dosage.

The Sedative Effects of Kratom


When using Kratom in higher dosages, specifically between 10 and 25-grams of the dried leaves, it can become a sedative. As a result, it can bring about feelings of euphoria and calmness. This effect can last for as much as 6-hours after use.

Because of the fact that Kratom hasn’t been studied in-depth, there are still plenty of controversies surrounding it. Therefore, even though it’s legal in the US and in European Union countries, it’s still not fully-recommended for medical use. Clinical studies will always be important in the development of any new drug to be placed on the market. Hence, there should be a cause to bring more studies of this drug for more people to take advantage of its benefits.