It has become clear in recent years that consumers are more discerning than ever about what they put into and onto their bodies. Today’s consumers do more research and have plenty more options than they did a decade or two ago. The rise of natural beauty products in recent years proves that consumers want to be kinder to their skin. But is natural beauty really better for you? The answer may be more complicated than you think.

Define Natural

First of all, the word “natural” in itself is pretty tricky. Water can be considered natural, as it occurs in nature, but it is also a chemical, made up of one oxygen and two hydrogens. Probably everyone would agree that water is good for you, but it is a chemical. That proves that not all chemicals found in skincare are bad.

At the same time, plenty of “natural” ingredients can be quite sensitizing or cause allergies. When you think about the number of “natural” things that people are allergic to, like bees, strawberries and peanuts, you might be inclined to agree that not all natural ingredients are good, either.

Well Within Beauty, a beauty and wellness brand, believes that true beauty is achieved through a combination of well formulated beauty products and a healthy lifestyle. This means incorporating both chemicals and natural ingredients into your routine. Drinking water is essential to maintaining good health and skin, and water is a chemical, therefore you shouldn’t completely cut out all chemicals from your lifestyle.

How to Choose Natural Beauty Products

If you are still determined to switch to natural beauty products, it’s important for you to become adept at reading ingredients lists. Failing to inform yourself properly could lead to disastrous skin problems like breakouts, rashes, or hives. If you have particularly sensitive skin or if you are allergic to a lot of things, then it is extra crucial for you to read ingredients lists properly.

Choose a reputable brand that makes the best organic beauty products, like Well Within Beauty. Their products are well formulated and plant based, and they mostly use only the finest ingredients that nature has to offer. However, they also take great care to use only ingredients that have proven to be effective and safe for use on human skin, and those that don’t cause adverse effects or sensitivities.

Formulation is so important. Your natural beauty products must contain the right preservatives, otherwise they will degrade and go bad much more easily, again potentially causing skin problems. Don’t let fear mongering articles and blogs scare you off preservatives; they are necessary for keeping your products stable and safe to use.

As you can see, there’s more to natural skincare than simply saying natural is good and chemical is bad. A mix of both natural and chemical ingredients is needed to keep your skin healthy and happy, and if you want to support more natural beauty brands, make sure you do your research and choose those that offer well formulated products that won’t cause problems for your skin.