It would interest you that orthodox therapies have a way of dealing with mental illness. They work by calming and relaxing the stressed neurons of the brain. This really makes them effective at curing the symptoms of mental disorders. However, issues of emotional disorder are deep seated and may not be completely eliminated by just taking care of the symptoms. Symptoms may be cured but emotional wounds can get deeper each time a patient suffering from mental illness has a reminiscence of the crisis or disaster that is responsible for the emotional trauma. This in a way makes the traditional approach limited in its effectiveness at dealing with issues of mental disorder. However, Jungian psychotherapy offers a holistic approach to all kinds of emotional and mental health issues

It is important to know that each Jungian psychotherapy is unique, reflecting not only the individual but also the emerging relationship between the therapist and the patient. Furthermore, Jungian psychotherapy focuses on dealing with and developing a meaningful relationship with psyche and the symbolic world through manifestations arising from the unconscious such as dreams.

Contrary to popular belief, psychotherapist is not a selfish journey. Severally, you may have gone through a traumatic experience that demands professional help. When we become conscious of and integrate the experiences from our life, our personal shadow, we are less likely to disown and project the unwanted onto others or into the collective—it is through the unresolved personal shadow that we become unconsciously pulled into the activities of the collective shadow. So if you’d like to get your life back, join Jungian psychotherapy.

For the patent/analyst relationship to develop, analysis has to occur with a regular amount of time and space. It doesn’t stop there. Analysis continues on a weekly basis or twice a week. Keep in mind that going for therapy more than once a week does not in any way imply that you’ve completely lost it. An increase in weekly sessions for analysis offers intensity in the work and encourages the Jungian psychotherapist to dig even deeper into the inner material. In the end, the analysis will turn out to be rewarding. Clean out those old habits and start living a new, meaningful life. Finding the right professional who is well versed in Jungian psychotherapy can help you lead a more meaningful life.