Any prolonged injury or illness in the body which impacts physical movement affects the overall quality of life. This can become the biggest concern if your career is at stake especially if one is related to sports where injuries are unavoidable. Chronic injuries are the most common faced trauma which decreases the normal range of motion and movements in the body. Hence, relieving tight muscles and trigger points can be very effective in such cases. So, the fastest approach would be unlimited consumption of painkillers for months which might provide you with a temporary solution or massage therapies, helping you stay relaxed for few weeks.

Though these short-term solutions might bring peace instantly, the chronic issues are the stubborn ones to stay for the lifetime, if ignored.

How to cure chronic injuries?

A.R.T or Active Release Technique is a type of soft-tissue therapy which is a savior for individuals, suffering injuries due to muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. It works by manipulating soft tissues, thereby reducing muscle cramps and stress placed on joints. For example, A.R.T can be very helpful if you have any injuries related to Lower back pain, Shin splints, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Tennis elbow, etc. Every movement in the healing process is very targeted and customized as per the severity of patient’s injury. The healing process is natural to restore normal movements in the body, resulting in permanent cure in 90% of the cases.

There are qualified health practitioners trained and certified in A.R.T who can assist, few are also practicing at health institutes in Arlington such as the A.R.T. Arlington.Image result for Graston technique.

Why is A.R.T better?

The unique and effective approach makes it one of the most popular techniques to treat stress and adhesions. While it is much better than the most common massage therapies, it is also the preferred one among other soft tissues therapies such as Dry Needling and Graston technique.

How is A.R.T different?

  • Non-Invasive Technique: The injury is identified by health practitioner through palpation. This can result in painful movements but once the trigger point is diagnosed, manual tension is applied to the muscles to release the tissue from adhesion. This helps in the precise treatment of injury without any side-effects.
  • Customized Treatment: Every injury is different and so is the impact on the patient. Few individuals can experience positive results immediately after the first session whereas for others it might take more time. Individual consultation to each patient results in fast recovery.
  • Increases Flexibility by Relaxation: Natural relaxation of adhesions around muscles and joints enables mobility and increases flexibility. This reduces the chances of recurring injuries and is considered effective for long-term.
  • Improves Performance: Due to faster recovery, A.R.T is popular among athletes. Most of the time, signs of adhesion are ignored for a longer period, thereby affecting their performance. Regular soft therapy treatment can help them recover fast, making the body more flexible.
  • Easy Availability: There are many certified A.R.T practitioners communities around the world. One can contact doctors with specialized qualification based on their experience in treating runners or someone who have treated people suffering from the spinal injury.


The technique can be a painful experience for the patient if the chronic injury is serious. Hence, a proper examination and checkups are done before proceeding. It is always better to take rests during the treatment. Regular therapy keeps one away from minor adhesions which can be a start of something serious in future. It is always advisable to take treatment from a certified practitioner for prolonged results.

Taking all these points into consideration might help you find a good and everlasting solution.

Happy healing!

Author Box: Kenneth Benoit brings forward the Active Release Technique in details to fight any pain occurring due to a sports injury. He also advises following the treatment from expert hands such as the A.R.T.Arlington.