Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can affect 1 in 5 men; and refers to the inability to maintain an erection long enough, or firm enough to carry out a satisfactory sexual relationship.

There is talk of erectile dysfunction not when it is a specific condition (which occurs once or twice) but when it is a disability is repeated for a minimum period of three months.

It is important to consult with the doctor once discovered the dysfunction and after having taken the necessary time and be completely safe. Get medicine for Erectile dysfunction at くすりエクスプレス And is that this condition may not simply be an inability in the sexual sphere, but may be the prelude to major diseases, metabolic or cardiovascular.

How erectile dysfunction occurs

Once a man receives any kind of sexual stimulation, his brain sends information through the spinal cord to the nerves. This information, known by the name of neurotransmitters, reaches the smooth muscles of the walls of the sinusoidal spaces in the cavernous bodies of the penis and these, when released, produce relaxation of the muscle that relaxes, letting blood enter the penis. This expansion in turn produces compression of the veins, which retain blood in the corpora cavernosa, increasing the length and thickness in what is known as an erection.

So, since an erection requires a precise sequence of events that must be followed for this to occur, the ED (erectile dysfunction) can occur when any of these events is interrupted.

The complete sequence includes impulses from the nerves in the brain, in the spine and in the area around the penis, as well as the responses offered by the muscles, fibrous tissues, veins and arteries found in, and near of, the cavernous bodies of the penis.

What are your causes?

The most common cause that accompanies ED is an atrophy or damage that occurs in the system of the nerves, arteries, fibrous tissues and / or muscles, often as a result of a disease. Some diseases such as diabetes, kidney diseases, chronic alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, arteriosclerosis, psoriasis, vascular diseases and neurological diseases are responsible for about 70% of known cases of ED, and among the 35 and 50 percent of men with diabetes have ED. Medicine for this issue can be buy from https://www.くすりエクスプレス.co/.

A surgery (especially a prostate radical due to cancer) can damage the nerves that are found in the penile region, thus causing ED. In addition to this, a lesion in the penis, prostate, spine, bladder and pelvis can lead to ED and also cause lesions in the smooth muscles, nerves, arteries and arteries. Or get best offer at Bestkenko.

How can I treat it?

Many men with erection problems can follow various treatments, either natural or with the help of a doctor, and can have a full sex life after this. It is important to recognize that this condition should not be kept secret, as it could be detrimental to the subsequent health of the individual. The best thing to do is consult your doctor and buy medicine from https://www.ベストケンコー.co/. Keeping it a secret will only cause the dysfunction to continue.