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Playing pickle ball must be great fun but choosing the pickle ball paddle is quite tricky as there are some important factors you should look for choosing a pickle ball paddle for you game. Pickle paddles are available in market in varied kinds as of different color, graphic and material. There are different types depending upon the material. If you are looking forward to choose one for yourself, there are onix pickleball paddles which can be recommendable and other than that look for the important points to choose upon.

What you should look for choosing pickle ball paddle

Weight:   Weight is although not exactly a important factor but do count as according to your comfort. It depends how much weight you feel correct to make it handy and comfy. There is the wide range of paddle weight from 6 ounces to 14 ounces to choose from. The weight of paddle will affect on the power and control where less weight paddle give you more control but less strike or drive whereas the heavier one give you more power or drive but less control. You may not like to start with heavier paddle but with lighter ones, remember you have to use more power and energy to give shots.

Grip Size:  You should choose the size of paddle grip which fits in your hand for the comfort and gripped strike or shot. If you choose larger grip size than you hand, it may slip and cause damage and if you choose small grip size than your hand, can lead to more wrist actions along with more control and spin. It is better to choose fit size for your hand for choose of grip size.

Paddle Materials: it comes in three types of material: wood, composite and graphite. Wood is least expensive and heaviest, composite ones are common and happy-medium likable material and graphite is light and powerful but most expensive.