Testosterone is majorly known as an anabolic steroid and a male sex hormone. Testosterones play a very important role in the enhancement of prostate and testis in male reproductive tissue. It is also very important to develop the secondary sexual characteristics such as increase in bone and muscle mass and body hair growth. It is also very useful for well-being and health. Not sufficient generation of testosterones in men’s will lead to bone loss and frailty.

Testosterones is naturally generated by testicles in males primarily and ovaries in female but in lesser proportion. After certain age the testosterone secretion in male decreases hence, man-made testosterones supplement is recommended to overcome these deficiencies. Testosterones supplements as available in two form i.e. injections and tablets.

Benefits of testosterones injections and tablets

Testosterones are prescribed by medical experts for medication to treat certain categories of breast cancer and male hypogonadism.

It helps in increasing strength. As you all are very much aware that testosterones are the important hormone that is accountable for muscular strength development.

It helps to improve and enhance the muscle tissue. Testosterones helps to bulk up the body mass hence, it has increasing demand among athletes and body builders.

It decreases unwanted body fat. It helps to increase the body mass tissue but burns the undesirable fat.

The known benefits for men and female are that it improves sex drive.

Avoid testosterone consumptions if you are suffering from below ailments:

  • Heart problem.
  • Diabetes.
  • Kidney diseases.
  • Cancer.
  • If you are expecting a baby.
  • If your bedridden and is under blood thinner medication.
  • History of strokes.
  • High cholesterol problem.


It is very much important to take the advice of your doctor for dosage as a little overdose will lead to all the below side effects.

Side effects of testosterone supplement

Misuse or overdose can lead to many dangerous side effects like breast enlargement, high blood pressure, infertility, heart attack and stroke, kidney problem and liver problem.

The common allergic reactions are swelling of face, throat, tongue and lips. It is advisable to kindly visit your family doctor if you are suffering from vomiting, nausea, difficulty while urinating, drastic weigh gain and swelling in your feet and ankle, breathing problem, change in complexion, numbness, unbearable head ache etc.

Female consuming testosterone will show sign and symptoms of male characteristics such as excessive facial hair growth, deepening of voice etc.