Whether you use a special cleanser or apply face packs, there is hardly any permanent solution for outbreak of acne. With topical applications of creams and face packs, it is practically impossible to stop the acne from coming. Laser therapy for acne is different for every person depending on the condition of his/ her skin. If you have already tried several antibiotics and prescription creams, or you just cannot stand the side effects of these medicines, you can definitely choose laser treatment for a permanent solution.

You can choose from various medical procedures that are performed in a laser clinic: chemical peels and light therapy. Despite the kind of acne treatment you select, you must keep realistic expectations from it. You can get the acne controlled, not cure it. You may not see immediate results with acne laser treatment for almost 4- 8 weeks. In addition, the acne outburst is enhanced in the initial stage before they are cured.Image result for Laser Treatment for Acne

Light therapy

Swelling and redness caused by acne are a result of bacteria, which can be eliminated or killed when exposed to different kinds of light. Prior to beginning the procedure of light therapy, the doctor applies a medicine known as photosensitizer to your skin in order to make it sensitive to laser. Laser treatment for acne requires you to visit the laser clinic such as Canada MedLaser several times.

The laser treatment may make use of red or blue, or a combination of both lights. Some people experience side effects from laser treatment initially such as redness, peeling and crusting of skin, change in skin tone, and pain. Sometimes, pulsed heat and light energy is also used to kill the acne bacteria. The treatments shrink the oil glands known as sebaceous glands to decrease production of oil. Some patients experience temporary redness, pain, and sunlight sensitiveness.

Injections of steroid

Steroid injections are used to cure the acne that result in painful lumps below the skin surface known as cysts and nodules. Such conditions may heal in several weeks on their own. After taking injections of steroids, the lumps under the skin flatten. The skin is cleared in 2- 4 days.

The steroids are effective, but they also have their side effects such as skin thinning, appearance of little vessels of blood on the skin area that is treated, skin lightening, etc. That is why; steroid injections should be used only for occasional or temporary solution for nodules and cysts. In addition, they are used to treat only small patches of acne, not larger areas because of side effects, and several visits to the laser clinic.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are used to control a few kinds of acne to improve the skin appearance. This process is traditionally used to reduce the appearance of sun damage, minor scars on skin, and fine lines. The chemical solution is applied on the skin to unclog the pores and eliminate dead cells, blackheads, and whiteheads. The chemical peel also promotes growth of new skin. However, it also includes side effects such as crusting, scaling, redness, infection, scarring, and abnormal coloring of skin.