Tinnitus can be difficult to live with. The constant sounds in your ear can seem like they’re going to drive you crazy, and there is no cure for the condition. If you are struggling to live with the constant whooshing or hissing, here are some ways you can manage.

Try to relax

Stress is the worst thing for tinnitus. High levels of anxiety are consistently linked with tinnitus, and stress certainly makes it harder to live with the condition. If you can relax, it becomes easier not to take the sounds to heart so much. Everyone’s favorite technique for relaxing differs, but you can try meditation or breathing exercises to get there.

Eat well

This tip will help you through all of life, not just with tinnitus. The healthier you are in other respects, the easier it will be to deal with your tinnitus. Plus, research has shown that caffeine and alcohol both make tinnitus worse.

Background noise

If your problem is that you are hearing noise all the time, it might seem like a bad idea to add more noise on top of it. In reality, some background noise can help you ignore the sounds in your ears. This could be white noise, music, or even the sounds of nature. Become a radio listener when you don’t need to concentrate on something else and start running a fan at night.

Hearing protection

Tinnitus and hearing loss are closely linked, and the more hearing you lose the worse, the tinnitus will get. You may be able to keep the problem from getting any worse by protecting your hearing. Use noise-cancelling headphones so you don’t have to turn up the sound too high. When you travel on planes or in other noisy situations, wear earplugs.


Some cases of tinnitus are caused by a lack of blood supply to the inner ear. If that’s your issue, some exercise might help. Weightlifting causes the cardiovascular system to expand and helps your heart to pump blood more efficiently, which could make your tinnitus better.

Check your medications

Some drugs and medications can cause tinnitus to worsen. If you’ve suddenly developed the condition, or if it was previously under control and has now worsened, it’s worth talking with your doctor about whether anything you’re taking could be making the problem worse.

Try treatments

There are several treatments you can try, from effective herbal remedies like Tinnitus911 to special hearing aids that help to mask the noise so that you can concentrate on outside noises better. Other more traditional hearing aids may make it easier to understand conversations.

Stop smoking

If you are a smoker, stopping the habit could help improve your tinnitus. For one thing, smoking stimulates you, and that makes it harder to bear the ringing sounds in your ear. For another, it restricts blood flow, which can make the problem in your inner ear worse.


There are lots of people living with tinnitus, and knowing about them and hearing their stories and coping mechanisms can help you find some things that will work for you. Find a support group online or in your community where you can learn more about your condition.

Develop coping strategies

Many people eventually overcome their tinnitus by learning to ignore it. While this might seem hard to believe, it is possible to train your brain to ignore the sounds your ear is sending it. An easy place to start is to force yourself not to think about the ringing when you notice it, and then to immediately distract yourself with something you enjoy.

Tinnitus can be hard to live with, but it is possible to enjoy life and be productive even with the condition. Armed with knowledge and determination, you can live with tinnitus and even improve your condition.