Some people suffer from a permanent medical condition and therefore must take prescription drugs as an ongoing process. This can be crippling financially, and with certain medications proving to be very expensive, some families are stretched to their limits. The need to take prescription medication regularly might be why the average person in America spends a whopping $1,000 a year on prescription drugs. In 2014, the pharmaceutical industry notched up more than $300 billion in gross sales, which highlights the rising costs. Some people are covered by insurance, but even then they would have to pay a portion of the medication costs, and with many essential prescriptions not covered by health insurance, the costs are often too high.

Online Solutions

Fortunately, there is an organisation that provides a way of receiving significant discounts on prescription medication, click here for more detailed information on how you can save up to 84% on your prescription costs. The benefits of a Medical Discount Card are many, and with more than 60,000 pharmacies participating in the scheme, you can be sure there will be at least one in your area. The card is free to all, and there is no expiry date, simply go to the website, click on your required medication and print out the card. When you show the card to your pharmacist, he or she will automatically give you a discount, and that could be anywhere from 10 – 84% off the regular price.

A Wide Range of Medication

The list of drugs that are covered by the discount card is extensive, with more than 500 drugs that cover a range of medical conditions, and the average saving is over 60%. This is even more beneficial for someone who must take medication for the rest of their lives, and with no expiry date, the card can be used indefinitely.

The Family

The discount card can be used by other family members, and once you have become a member, print out the card and any family member can receive a significant discount whenever they require prescription drugs. Your pharmacist will only need to see the card once, so you can keep it at home until you require medication from a different pharmacy. Once the pharmacist sees the card, your information will be stored on their computer, and anytime you or a family member goes there for prescription medication, there will be a discount.

How is this Possible?

A good question, and the answer lies with an organisation called Medical Discount Card LLC, who run a website that provides the discount card to anyone who requires it. The service is free and there are many pharmacies that are included in the scheme. This service helps people that occasionally require prescribed medication, and more importantly, those who have to take prescribed drugs indefinitely. There are no strings attached, and the service is designed to be simple and effective, with average savings over 60%, so if you require prescribed medication, enrol and collect your discount card today.