Are you staring at the bottom of your Tylenol bottle, wondering where all of the tablets went? If so, you’ve probably forgotten just how long you’ve been self-medicating the sharp, shooting pains you’ve been experiencing in your wrist and shoulder. The pain makes it necessary to pop several pills over the course of the day, especially if you intend to keep up with your children. With the holidays edging closer here in Toronto, your days and nights will only stand to get busier. If you expect to make it through the upcoming months, you’re finally going to have to do something about your arm.3

A quick visit to the doctor while your children are in school may reveal you have carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis. Both of these injuries can result in shoot pains near the affected tendon or joint, with associated numbness, tingling, and weakness in the area. These symptoms can make it impossible to keep up with your busy schedule, but you shouldn’t turn to over-the-counter pain medicine as your only form of relief. Though it’s faster to take these tablets, it’s a short-lived way to manage your symptoms. For an alternative that provides long-term results, look to a registered massage therapist (RMT) in the city. If you live in the east end, you can easily find a massage therapist on the Danforth who can accommodate your lifestyle.

As a mother, you understand you can’t exactly spend an entire day in a spa-like setting receiving attention for all of your aches and pains. You have a responsibility to look after your kids (and partner), so you can’t devote hours at a time to help treat your carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis. Luckily, an RMT can provide restorative deep tissue massages in as little as 45 minutes, making it easier to fit in your treatment in between work, soccer practice, or dinner.

But before you schedule an appointment, make sure you’re booking with a massage therapist Danforth residents trust with their health. Their status as an RMT is the easiest way to locate them, as this certification proves they’ve received the appropriate education and training in order to treat your ailments. Their official label as RMT gives them an edge over spa technicians who employ massage techniques to relax their clients, as they’ve learnt safe and reliable ways to alleviate pain and increase circulation to the affected area. It also means their help can be covered by your insurance plan.

A certified RMT offering the Danforth massage treatments promote tissues regeneration, increase flexibility, correct your posture, and even relieve stress (something every mother in the city needs!). If you’ve been relying on pain medication in order to keep up with your kids, it’s time to ditch the bottle. Turn to an RMT for help and alleviate pain permanently.