Have you suffered an injury in a car accident? Do you own health insurance? If not, it is still possible to get coverage for your medical expenses though the options are only a few. You should talk to a Naqvi injury law professional to get the best opinion.

The accident victims with no health insurance are highly concerned about how they could meet their medical expenses for injury treatment. If this sounds similar to your case and concern, you have options to look forward to. You are entitled to compensation for your medical treatment and other damages if you win the lawsuit. The hitch is you will receive compensation after several months but you need to pay now.

The obvious question is why the alleged person – the driver who caused the accident due to his/her negligence or ignorance – will not pay for your treatment. The simple answer is if you are involved in an accident, it is your responsibility to pay for your medical treatment. Even if the person, who is responsible for the accident, is the at-fault party for your injury, the victim is required to pay the medical bills for his/her treatment.

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The good part of laws in this regard is if the other party is the culprit for the accident and your injury, the individual is obliged to pay the victim damages to resolve the lawsuit. If you have no health insurance and got injured in a car accident, you can use one or many of the following options to receive a part of your medical bills –

  • Medicaid
  • No fault auto insurance
  • Medical payment coverage of the at-fault party
  • Discussion with your insurer for payment arrangement

Let us now explain each of these options one by one.


It is a federal health insurance scheme designed to provide health insurance coverage to the low-income groups via state agencies. The insurance is not directly offered by the federal government and it only allots the funds to the states so that they can reach the facilities to their citizens.

If you have lost your job after meeting a car accident, you may be entitled to get compensation via Medicaid. Depending on the rules of the state you live in, Medicaid will pay your medical expenses forward and even previous bills.

No Fault Insurance

It exists only in a few states. This option lets you receive compensation from your insurance company for all or some of your medical expenses as well as lost wages irrespective of who is at fault for the accident. The claim made under ‘No Fault Insurance’ is known as Personal Injury Protection’ claim.

Medical Payment Coverage

Also known as the “Med Pay” coverage, it pays for the victim’s medical bills if the accident is caused by the insured. The amount of payment is subject to the at-fault party’s “Med pay” policy limit and usually not more than $10,000.

Discussion with Your Insurer for Payment Arrangement

Some physicians know it well from their experience that many accident victims they treat don’t have any health insurance. Some of these medical professionals agree to treat the patients if they are promised that payment will be made after a settlement is reached. In that case, the patient is required to put their signature on a personal injury lien which is a binding contract between the two parties.