The word by itself brings to mind more than just a way to exercise and become fit. This is a movement started by a man who gave it his name decades ago. Joseph Pilates was born in Germany in 1883 and by most accounts was a frail, sickly child. He did, however, battle back to become an excellent athlete and self-defence instructor. He lived to the age of 83 and the method called Contrology become known as the Pilates Method after his death in 1967.

There are basic principles to the method that have not changed in the past six or seven decades, the most important of which is proper, healthy breathing. The other two key elements are whole-body health and whole-body commitment. The founder identified “whole-body” as including the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Other Principles

You may also find the focus of Pilates on such principles as centring, control, flow, precision, and concentration along with the primary element of breathing. Even as these basic concepts remained the same, the Pilates method has evolved and grown to include the use of modern equipment. The core of the programme is still taught with continued focus on bio-mechanical thinking. It’s estimated that more than 12 million people practice this method on a regular basis.

One of the best ways to learn and use this popular and proven method is to make arrangements for regular sessions with experts such as those who provide Inglewood Pilates. At Life Ready Physio, you have the option of scheduling one-on-one sessions or joining a mat Pilates class under the direction of an experienced, professional physiotherapist. This second option opens the door to building strength and control in the deep core muscles. Movement is a key factor in the success of this method as you strengthen specific muscles.

Your physiotherapist can modify exercises for specific injuries if necessary. But the underlying goal is to strengthen deep abdominal muscles and the muscles of the pelvic floor, which improves posture and body alignment. You also gain from improved balance and coordination.

Array of Services

In addition to the excellent programmes and benefits of one-on-one equipment Pilates, three-on-one equipment Pilates, and mat group Pilates, you have access to an array of services including gym rehabilitation programmes and hydrotherapy. Learn more when you visit the website of one of the leading providers of quality physiotherapy programmes.

Once you have the basic information that you need, you should talk to a member of the staff about your specific needs and exercise requirements. You may even want to gain some valuable knowledge from the detailed articles available on the extensive website. You can learn about recovering from whiplash injury, how to come back from ACL reconstruction, or how much water you should consume based on individual needs and activity levels.