The following factors contribute to receding gums; grinding, overly aggressive brushing habits, teeth clenching, periodontal disease, or the natural aging process. In addition, you can also develop a receding gum as a result of your hormones, gene, and tobacco use.

Gum receding are mostly noticed when you sense pockets between the teeth and gum line. These pockets are where harmful bacteria and tartar to build up thereby leading to an advanced periodontal disease, then the gradual erosion of tissue and bone, and finally tooth loss.

If you are the kind of person that’s always scrapping when brushing your teeth you stand the risk of experiencing gum recession. This is because that action exposes the structure of the teeth thereby leading to the deterioration and also numerous other complications.

The Chao Pinhole surgery requires only very little insertion of any instruments into your body. Unlike the traditional grafting, it doesn’t require the use of a scalpel and sutures. Note that in the traditional method of gum treatment the common practice involves the grafting of the donor or soft tissues. This practice is in place in order to make it possible for fixing up the gum line by ensuring its saturation into a position of the soft tissue, then at this point, the soft tissue is then joined to the existing gum tissue and allowed to heal. This simple yet effective procedure does the job easily.

Meanwhile, the Chao Pinhole surgical technique offers a far more convenient gum receding treatment for patients, unlike the more conventional procedures. This procedure simply involves the creation of a tiny hole (commonly referred to as the pinhole) in the patient’s gum by the surgeon. The surgeon then passes through this pinhole special instruments whose duties are basically to ensure that the tissues of the gum are gently loosened and also used to expand and slide the patient’s gum line. This action exposes the root structure, which is then wrapped up in a cover thereby completing the entire process without having to resort to sutures and without any incisions or grafting unlike what is obtainable in the conventional approaches.

So basically what’s done in the pinhole surgery is simply the modification of a patient’s existing gum tissues which is a very effective and less convenient measure in solving the problem of gum recession.

The benefits of the Chao Pinhole surgical technique includes:

  • The patient experiences little or no discomfort at all during the entire procedure.
  • It has a much faster recovery process unlike the other conventional gum receding treatment approaches.
  • The entire procedure doesn’t involve the well known cutting up and stitching procedure of surgery so don’t expect the invasive effect of sutures and scalpels on your gum.

In conclusion, a healthy gum is very important this is why you have to give your gums the best treatment. And the Chao pinhole surgical technique is the ideal treatment for your gum.