One of the momentous events in one’s life is getting married. Next to your own wedding, your best friend’s wedding is probably going to be the most important. But, before a wedding takes place, you still have to make sure that you give your best buddy an unforgettable send-off party. That said, there are several bachelor party ideas in Montreal that you might want to consider.

But, before deciding on what activities you can do to make the party a memorable one, there are several steps that you need to do to ensure everything will be in place.

First, come up with a guest list. As the groom’s best friend, you should know who the groom wants to part of the party such as his close male friends and male relatives. Keep the guest list to a minimum and make sure that you do not invite people who do not get along with each other.

Next, consider your budget. Make sure that everyone can chip in because if not, you should just go with a plan that will be practical in terms of cost. Remember that the purpose of the party is to ensure that the groom and all the other guys will have a great time without breaking the bank.

During the planning stage, you can keep some information from the groom, but make sure that you keep him in the loop especially when it comes to the important details. Know his interests and plan the party according to what he likes.

Make sure that you pick a hotel where you and the rest of the guys will be staying in. It should be conveniently located near prime spots so that it would be easy for your party to go to places and go back to the hotel if you need to rest and recharge.

For the activities, here are the things that you can do in the wonderful city of Montreal with your best bud and the rest of the guys:

  • Go on a Craft Beer Tour and a Food Tour. After all, what is a bachelor’s party without lots of beer? What’s great about these tours is that you can see the authentic side of Montreal and get to enjoy samples of distinctive craft beers and food pairings. For the food tour, your group can experience the most iconic and delicious foods that the city has to offer. You do not only get to enjoy the historical and cultural information, you also get your tummies filled with the other activities that you have planned.
  • Engage in activities that the guys will surely enjoy such as axe throwing, go-karting, white water rafting, shooting in an air gun range, or doing a real-life escape game.
  • For the night activities, it would not hurt to go to a bar, a nightclub, or a gentleman’s club which are also frequent in Montreal.

No matter what you do and where you go, make sure that you get to party and bond with the guys as you make the most of best friend’s last few days as a bachelor.