Smoking has traditionally been associated with lung damage. Whether you are smoking a cigarette, or a joint, you are inhaling toxic byproducts of combustion. This is of course considered bad for your lungs. However, while it seems counterintuitive, smoking marijuana may help deliver some anti-carcinogens into your lungs, as well. Here are the facts:

Studies Show No Significant Damage in Marijuana Smoking: Scientists have shown that smokers of marijuana who smoke a moderate amount do not show any significant lung damage from the marijuana smoke alone. Because of the damaging effects of smoke, the lungs of marijuana smokers did show some minor changes, but not enough to deem significant by the scientific community.Image result for Positive Effects Of Marijuana Smoking For Lung Cancer

Cannabis Is Rich in Anti-Oxidants: You get more than just bud from your cannabis delivery business– you get a supply of anti-oxidants. When you smoke marijuana, you inhale the anti-oxidants, thus exposing your lung tissues to their benefits. Anti-oxidants have proven to help avoid aging and degradation and even help prevent cancer.

Cannabis has Anti-Cancer Properties: Marijuana has been shown to have anti-cancer properties in a variety of settings. Smoking marijuana may protect you against lung cancer, though more studies are certainly needed to ascertain just how your typical cannabis delivery business can be to lung cancer patients.

Alternatives to Smoking: If you want to partake in the benefits of marijuana without the risks of smoking, your cannabis delivery business is sure to have some edibles or hemp oil that you can enjoy. By choosing a different route of marijuana consumption, you eliminate the negative effects of smoking. So whether you need a cannabis delivery in Los Angeles, or cannabis delivery in Orange County, you can opt for a number of choices that do not need to be smoked at all.

More research on cannabis and its health benefits is certainly needed. But in the meantime, make sure to get your weed from a company you trust. Visit Green Door West for more.