Hearing loss can happen to anyone. This can even happen to babies upon birth thus most of the time, especially for concerned parents, they have the hearing of their babies checked the earliest possible to ensure that it is just fine and their child will not suffer in the future.

The thing is, even if you are just fine today, this does not guarantee that you will always be fine. As you age, you can still experience loss of hearing especially if you are exposed to some of the most known threats of this predicament like the too loud working place and so on.

So what can you do to tone down the risks of hearing loss?

  1. Make use of earplugs

If you can’t help but be in an environment that is too noisy most of the time, you should use earplugs. They will protect your ears for the time being. However, you should not frequent in this kind of place. If this is your workplace right now, you should look for another job as this can only deteriorate your sense of hearing.

  1. Turn down the music

Even if you are using earplugs and the person right beside you can hear what you listen, then it means that your music is too loud. You should turn it down as if that is your habit, chances are it won’t be for long and you will experience hearing loss.

  1. Utilize the 60:60 rule

Do you know that the 60:60 rule is? It means that the music should be enjoyed 60% of the maximum volume and it should only but for 60 minutes max. This way, your ears will be protected from getting damaged.

  1. Be cautious when listening music in your car

When you listen to music in your car, the volume should be lower than you used to. You see, the impact is greater when you are listening to music in confined spaces like in your car. You should not listen to really loud music and it should not be that long as well.

If you think you are having a hard time getting what the others are saying, you might have a hearing loss problem already. You should have your ears checked by Audiologie Centre-Ouest. Because they have been in this industry for 2 decades now, you can be assured that they will give you an accurate result.