This guide is designed to help you with the final preparations before your surgery. Your surgeon will give you detailed information about how you can prepare for surgery, but here are some tips to help you get started!

The Night Before Rhinoplasty

Most patients feel nervous and also excited the night before their rhinoplasty especially if it’s their first cosmetic procedure. During this time you can tackle some last minute preparations so that you’re prepared for surgery the next day.

Fill Your Prescriptions

If your surgeon has given you any prescriptions, make sure that you get them filled before your surgery. This way you can go straight home after your procedure and rest rather than wait in line at the pharmacy to get your medication.

Stock the Fridge

Stock your refrigerator with easy to drink and eat and options. The day after surgery you may feel a bit nauseous so have a few comforting foods on hand. Most patients go for ginger ale, Jell-O, pudding, fruit smoothies and crackers. Eat soft, light foods for the first 24 hours following your surgery. Avoid foods that are hot or spicy or that requires a lot of chewing during recovery.

Get Some Lip Balm

Your lips and mouth will be very dry after your rhinoplasty. Be sure to have enough beverages and lip moisturisers to keep things comfortable.


Drink plenty of water the day before surgery. Good hydration can reduce nausea and help you feel better after surgery.

Take a Shower

Take a shower the night before surgery. Wash away all makeup, lotion, deodorant, etc. After your shower, don’t apply anything, including lotion, to your skin. You’ll want to take a second shower the morning of surgery.

The Morning of Your Rhinoplasty

Give yourself plenty of time the morning of your rhinoplasty to prepare. Your surgeon wants you to come in feeling relaxed and ready, not rushed and stressed. These tips will help you to finish up your rhinoplasty preparations before your surgery.

Wear a Button-Up Top

You don’t want to pull anything over your head after your rhinoplasty so make sure that you wear a button up top when you go in for your surgery.

Don’t Eat

Surgery is safer on an empty stomach. So don’t eat or drink after midnight on the day of your rhinoplasty.

Get a Ride

You won’t be able to drive home after surgery so have someone drop you off at the surgery centre. The clinic or hospital where you’re getting surgery will call them and tell them your ready to be picked up.

As soon as you are home recovering from your Rhinoplasty, it’s important to rest and eat healthy foods. Ask your Shire Cosmetic Medicine surgeon exactly what you can or can’t do so that your recovery is fast and without complications!