Chiropractic is basically a health-care profession which focuses on all joints of the body including the spine and their link with the nervous system. The term “chiropractic” indicates to be done with the hand. A person who practices this profession is known as the Chiropractor. A chiropractor aims at restoring your joint function and the supporting the nervous system. They help their patients to maintain a good health and avoid any kind of unnecessary surgery or drugs. In America, you will find around 50 million people visiting a chiropractor each year.

The procedure

As a chiropractic patient, you need to undergo some initial assessment where you would be asked certain personal questions about your health like the medications you are on, your family history and surgery you have undergone or any kind of injury you have suffered. Normally, the time required at the first visit is more than the consecutive ones. In the first visit, your chiropractor will also conduct some physical assessment determining the reason why you had paid the visit to the clinic. Such assessments might include reflexes, neurologic tests, the range of motion, posture and other orthopedic tests. Sometimes you may also need to get an x-ray done. In your second visit, your chiropractor will guide you about your treatment plan and diagnosis before you start receiving the treatment. NYDNR is one such clinic where you can avail this treatment. For detailed information, you can check out the link If you come across any queries you can always knock their 24 hours customer care dept. thought the chat service. They will be there at your help. If you find that a particular chiropractor’s method is suiting you, then you can always try out the other treatment options.

List of conditions treated

If you are wondering as to why would one need to see a chiropractor then your answer is as follows. You can consult a chiropractor for any of the following reasons:

  • Neck and back pain. In a report that dates back to 2009, chiropractic treatment was marked as the most satisfying treatment for back pain
  • Headaches, that include migraines
  • Whiplash injury and any kinds of car accident injuries
  • Strains and sprains caused due to sports injuries
  • Workplace injuries
  • To maintain general health and a healthy lifestyle.

The popular treatments

Some of the common chiropractic treatments procedures that have helped a lot of patients eliminate their discomfort and pain are DNS therapy, manual therapies, trigger point therapy, massage, spinal manipulation, myofascial release technique and mobilization therapy.

Experience the best care at NYDNR

The chiropractic treatment approach adopted by the NYDNR clinic was founded initially based on the European manual therapy methods that were introduced by the pioneers of rehabilitation Vladimir Janda and Karel Lewit. Their non-traumatic methods have proved to be highly useful in treating abnormalities related to joints, spine and other internal organs. Such non-traumatic therapy minimizes several risks like tissue and ligament damage, bone fractures, spinal cord damage and damage caused to the internal organs. Click the link to get a better impression of the treatment method.