It is really a miserable feeling when a child or an adult starts vomiting while travelling on bus or car. But now you can treat such symptoms with Dramamine tablets. It can reduce nauseated misery such as vomiting and dizziness and moreover you can enjoy your travel. The drug contains antihistamine which is very effective to treat motion sickness. This type of situations occurs when brain gets signal from inner nerves, eyes or ears as you can sense motion inside your body. This worsens the conditions of any child or adult. But now it can be controlled with one tablet.

Dosages for treatment

It is mandatory to follow the instruction written on the package of the drug. If your doctor has asked to take this, do listen to the instructions for dosages as it is directed. You have to take this orally with water. A small amount of food you can intake before having it. The dosages depend on the patient’s age and condition. 1 to 2 tablets can be taken as you per your need. Children above 2 years can get relief from this remedy. You just have this medicine 30 to 60 minutes prior you embark on your journey. You can prevent motion sickness very easily.

If you are allergic to any components, do ask your doctor before starting this medication. Dramamine tablets causes drowsiness and dizziness so driving is not recommended. During pregnancy or breast feeding days it can only be taken if prescribed by the doctor. You can store it at room temperature.  After taking these tablets, you will feel better for next 4 to 6 hours or longer hours. It can work faster to relieve your nerves and muscles. This is pharmacist recommended no1 tablet to treat nausea or vomiting.