Singapore is the country where the entertainment and enjoyment has no limit. Right from food, clothing, accessories and luxury no limitation. This is same to sex also. Singaporeans are involving themselves in sexual activities at very young age. A recent survey has released that the number of STI among the youth has nearly doubled in the past ten years. The main reason for these stats is that people are having unsafe sex. Many of the sexual disease are caused due to semen fluid and the genital fluid. If one partner wants to impress the other, they ultimately involve in sex with one another. They even are not aware that the person with whom they are having sex is infected or not. Mostly the Singaporeans who are having multiple sex partners, unprotected sex, visiting prostitution center are becoming the victims of STI and STD.

List of Sexually transmitted disease affecting the individual:

The list of sexually transmitted disease or infection includes:

  • Hepatitis A/B/C
  • Genital warts
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Chancroid
  • Herpes
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia
  • Bacterial vaginitis
  • Syphilis, and scabies

When a person gets infected with the sexual transmitted disease they must visit correct place for treatment.

Genital Warts in Singapore:

A type of infection which is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is Genital warts. It is scientifically known as Condylomata acuminate. It is type of sexually transmitted infection which is highly contagious in nature. It is type of skin abnormalities which specially affect the skin regions of human genital organs when they encounter unprotected sex with the infected individuals. As the rate of this particular infection is rapidly increasing, the Singapore health ministry has given access to many private clinics to treat this disease. Genital warts clinic Singapore is one such medical institution which treats STD and STI especially genital Warts.

Service provided by the clinic:

When the infected person reaches the clinic, he/she is first attended by the nurse for getting known about the patients’ medical condition. Once this gets completed he is assisted to the doctor. Doctor examines the site of infection using a high magnifying power lens. Upon physical examination the doctor confirms the Genital Warts. In rare cases depending upon the patient condition and infection severity biopsy may be prescribed. The treatment for genital warts in Singapore mainly depended upon three factors namely physical appearance of the bumps, its number and lastly the place where it is located. Treatment method differs for male and female. To know even more about genital warts and its complication and available clinics near to you kindly check

Treatment procedure in Clinics:

Unlike other clinics, Genital warts clinic also requires prior appointment to meet the physicians. As soon as you encounter that you have genital infection fixing appointment with correct doctor in the clinic is initial step. Once this is done, the nurse prepares the patient for physical examination. The infected area is slightly treated with weak vinegar solution and left as such. This is done in order make the bumps more visible so that the doctor could infer correct results. Once examination is over, treatment starts. Simple prescription of chemical combinations in the form of ointments is initial treatment. In this method the patient remains at home and is asked to come for follow up services. Cryo therapy is another method of treating the genital warts, in which the infected area is treated with liquid nitrogen and in turn further treatment is carried out. A small operation like treatment in which the warts is exposed to mild electric current under local anaesthesia, in case of severe infection, cases may arise where the bumps must be removed so that it is not spread more. In such case a surgery under local aesthesia is performed.

Early diagnosis of the disease leads to immediate recovery:

Any type of disease, when diagnosed earlier it is easy to treat it. But in case of sexually transmitted disease case, people feel shy and they don’t want to expose to others that they are infected with such type of disease. People when they come to know about their disease profile, they simple commit suicide or indulge themselves in illegal activities. Let it be any type of disease, with proper diagnosis, it can be cured.