The usual suspects that cause bunions are shoes, and if you have this condition, you might be in a lot of pain; depending on the severity. In this case, you should contact a professional foot orthotics Sydney like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or your local podiatrist, and have your feet properly examined. The podiatrist will be able to help you out for sure.

What are bunions?

For those who do not know, if your big toe is pointing towards your small toes, and you have a pointy bone that can be inflamed, red and painful, you have bunions. They are often caused by improper footwear, but there are other things that can be the cause as well. The abnormal pressure and motion of joints will force them to act like this, and thatresults in such a condition.

Bunions sometimes cause a lot of pain and sometimes you will not even feel them

When we walk, our big toe carries a lot of weight, and those who have bunions tend to feel a lot of pain with the smallest motions. Those joints can become very stiff and sore, that can cause pain even when you simply put your shoes on.

Treatments and home remedies you should try out

Keep in mind that there is no way to get rid of bunions; they will be permanent until they get surgically removed. However, the surgery is only necessary for those who cannot maintain or ease pain any other way, because the surgery is not always successful. On a plus note, the pain can go away just by wearing proper footwear, and in many cases, surgery is not even needed.

Approaches that will help relieve pain:

  • Maintaining your normal weight is not only good for your feet but your overall health as well.
  • Protect the bunion with a gel-filled pad or moleskin that can be bought at almost any drugstore.
  • Visit a podiatrist, and let him/her prescribe you the right splints that are worn at night to hold your big toe straight as this will ease the discomfort. You can check out an Edgecliff podiatry like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or any other reputable podiatry clinic, and schedule an appointment.
  • There are plenty of shoe inserts that will help position your feet the right way; you have both the custom-made orthotics and the basic insoles.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen can help you a lot.
  • You need to wear shoes that fit you just right and that have a wide toe area. It is a good idea to shop at stores that measure your feet.
  • If you have pain, using ice-packs, whirlpool, massage, warm soaks and ultrasound is a good idea.

Improper footwear is usually the reason people develop this condition

When do you need surgery?

As it was said, surgery is the last resort and even your podiatrist will not check you for surgery unless they have tried everything. Basically, if your condition is causing a lot of pain and nothing can be done, then the podiatrist will suggest you have surgery instead. But, as it was mentioned, the surgery is the last resort, because it is not always successful.

Final word

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to visit a podiatrist as soon as you realize that there might be something wrong with your feet. This also means that you should not self-diagnose, and in most cases, if you have bunions, there are plenty of remedies that can help you out to avoid having surgery.