Stem Cell Regeneration Therapy is revolutionizing medicine by eliminating the need for invasive surgery in many cases. This radical therapy is making long recovery periods a thing of the past while drastically reducing the need for addictive pain medications. Stem cell therapy relies on the potent regenerative properties of the patient’s own stem cells to grow new tissue.

While more traditional treatments cause additional injury to the afflicted area, stem cell injections trigger accelerated healing. Traditional surgical interventions damage local tissues and cause inflammation which can do more damage to the affected area. Stem cell regeneration therapy reduces inflammation and decreases the pain associated with treatment.

With stem cell treatment, patients enjoy better range of motion, decreased pain, quicker and more complete recovery. Best of all, there is no grafting necessary as the stem cells used come from the patient’s own body. This eliminates the risk of rejection, for very high rates of success.

What Are Stem Cells?

Every cell in the body has a specific function. Because the cells of your liver, for example, are highly specialized- they cannot be repaired by grafting skin cells or muscle cells onto the organ. Your liver cells, like those making up tissues in all parts of the body, are “differentiated,” that is they are dedicated to a singular purpose.

By contrast, a stem cell is undifferentiated. That means a stem cell can become any type of cell. Stem cells are what enable an embryo to develop into a fully developed human with differentiated organs and systems.

As we develop into adults, some stem cells remain in certain parts of the body, such as the brain, blood and blood vessels, skeletal muscle, the liver, skin, and the bone marrow. These cells remain dormant, ready to be activated when needed by disease or injury.

Stem Cell Therapy in Practice

Some years ago, researchers discovered that the stem cells located in the bone marrow can be extracted without harm to the patient. These stem cells can be used to treat work injuries, sports injuries, as well as the natural wear and tear joints endure over years of hard use.

Today, the powerful regenerative properties of stem cells have made stem cell regeneration therapy a reality. Success rates in the treatment of many conditions have improved as a result of stem cell therapy. But sports and chiropractic medicine enjoy success rates between 90 and 95 percent.

Through proper diagnosis, prognosis, and a carefully managed plan of care which takes into account the unique needs and circumstances of each patient- stem cell therapy patients can obtain extremely reliable benefits. Clinical research and practice have shown that the benefits are particularly pronounced in the areas of sport and chiropractic medicine.