We all experience what is considered the normal, physical changes as we age. For example our hair can start to show streaks of silver or gray strands. Our smooth skin begins to thin and wrinkle gently displaying the years of wisdom and experience we have acquired. Sure you may have to start choosing the large print books at the store or library because your eyes aren’t what they seemed to be. But many of us are lucky to grow older “with grace” and only feel the simple age related aches and pains. Some of us may not be so lucky. However no matter how fast you find yourself obtaining your AARP card, there are times you could use some extra assistance.  Whether you require long term care or a short visit in a facility you can always benefit from good healthy habits. Here are some ways to care for you and your spouse as you age so that you live a comfortable life as the years carrying on.

Head games

Cognitive exercise can be just as effective and useful as physically moving.  Just like the muscles in your body, your brain can atrophy or shrink over time. Some activities you can do to help boost your memory can be writing things down and then a while later try to recall what you wrote. You can create your own memory game.  By printing out two of each picture of your choice (or for extra fun your family members) and try to remember where they are. Playing alone or with a friend is a  good mental and social activity. You can engage in games such as chess, checkers, or past time such as knitting and needlepoint. Join a knitting club which benefits you mentally and socially. Moving your fingers helps keep them fluid in addition to using your mind to count and create patterns. Fine and gross motor skills are usually associated with younger children, by as you age you want to increase your time with your hands. Some reasons are for  If knitting isn’t for you you can engage in many crafty projects. This is a good opportunity to invite the grandkids over to build and paint a birdhouse or paint by numbers. Finding an inspiring novel or even a book of sudoku puzzles to engage your mind can benefit you in many ways. Gardening is another option that you can call on the help of your grandkids, or perhaps a close neighbor can help prune the roses with you. Maybe it is time to write your life story down so your future generations can look back at what you have accomplished  This is another good activity that helps engage you with perhaps a family member or a close friend to record all you have experienced. You can contact your local library to ask if they have a genealogy program or could use your information for the town history.

Finding a hobby

Organization of classes based around a favored activity is a good way to spend some time, whether self organized or found at a senior center. One such example is senior yoga which can be a wonderful way to stay limber and bring together people from all walk of life to increase their physical activity at a low impact. If yoga seems too daunting, tai chi is a popular slow, calming activity. This popular exercise began as a form of martial arts. The kata or movements are perfect for those who require a slower and gentle aerobic workout. Activities such as tai chi can help increase blood flow, strength, balance, and may help with pain and immunity. Studies have also shown that tai chi may help reduce 45 percent of falls in seniors. Other low impact physical activities can be aerobics in or outside a pool. With a doctor’s recommendation, pool aerobics helps you maintain a healthy workout regime and it can help with many physical ailments. These include losing weight, building muscle tone, easy on ailing joints, and most importantly fun! While you find yourself more active you may need to take heed in buying the proper footwear. Caring for those active feet is important and you can do so buy find a local podiatrist or foot doctor. These footcare specialists can help find you the proper footwear for working out and everyday activities in addition to caring for issues like bunions and hammer toe. Being comfortable is in important part of being active.

Let’s get physical

The world’s population will find itself older by a large margin, which means senior health care is more important that you may know. The population the world over 60 years old and older will double. Over nine billion people will be facing physical and mental challenges as their younger years quickly leave them behind. That means the training of nurses, healthcare workers, and doctors  and their help become integrated in your everyday life. Besides your physical state, like weight and muscle tone, your internal organs need a check up and care as well. Healthy teeth can affect more than just that toothy, pearly grin. Bad dental hygiene can cause all sorts of issues like gingivitis or gum disease, bad breath, and even heart disease. One in five seniors suffer from tooth decay and the loss of their teeth.  Finding modern dental care can help diagnoses any issues you have, treat it, and reduce your chances of dental related problems in the future.

Those ailments you develop can sometimes become more than just an inconvenience. Cancer is a very real issue. Health care can change and you and your spouse may not visit the doctor as frequently as you used to. Catching cancer early on has a greater success rate than not screening at all.  Over 70 percent of the elderly pass on from cancers such as prostate, uterus, colon, and lung cancer. Death is sixteen times greater with those who have cancer. Doctors who specialise in geriatrics and cancer care can benefit you greatly as you get older to lower your risk or treat you if you have cancer.

Can’t seem to find a hobby to occupy your mind and time? Perhaps you could use a few extra dollars for the endless gifts your grandkids ask for or simply enjoy keep busy? You can try to find work part time or volunteer at a local soup kitchen or library. Some businesses can utilize you to fill in a few hours a week to keep yourself vital and active. If you are a veteran, you may be able to visit local schools during their history classes and share your experience thanks to your service to this country.

In home nursing care

You may not need what a twenty four hour care a nursing home provides. A great plus of in home care is being in the comfort of your own home.There are many circumstances that may require you to need extra assistance in your home. Such examples are having extra care doing the laundry, the shopping, and perhaps helping keep your home a little tidier. You also find out from your town if there are any free services that could lend a hand in caring for the elderly. Your senior center may be able to engage you in programs and services that help you such as free transportation, friendly volunteers to help with groceries, understanding bills and other financial questions. However if you need more than occasional assistance, you may need in inquire about in-home care provider. Such programs help to bring in you some nursing care and distributing the right amount of medication, visiting programs, and meal programs to home deliver nutritious, hot meals. Another option you may want to think about it if your house is accessible besides the regular sleeping and kitchen quarters.. For example if your live in a two story dwelling you may be eligible to have ADU or accessible dwelling unit would qualify as a second living space for easier access. You can discuss this with your local zoning office to see if such a project could be utilized. If possible you may be able to enjoy your later years in the comfort of your home with minimum impact but maximum livability!