No doubt, Hair is something that is entirely responsible for enhancing your beauty. But on the same hand, it is seen that hair loss can affect men and women at one point in their life which is as bad as having a nightmare. Today modern technology has opened an enormous scope for preventing the hair loss through surgical that is hair transplant treatments like FUE, FUT, DHI and others or non-surgical ways e.g., PRP. Hair transplant in Delhi is the best option due to the presence of number of clinics. Before we look out at the treatments and procedures; it is vital to configure out the main reason behind the hair loss. The reason could be anything ranging from stress to hereditary causes.


There are millions of reasons when it comes to hair fall.  After a hair takes birth from a hair follicle, it goes through the three phases namely the growing phase, resting phase and the shedding phase. However, the hair loss condition occurs mainly due to genetic factors, yet the other factors include age, nutrition deficiency, dandruff, side effect of medication, pregnancy, hormonal issues and much more. Hair loss is something that seems to catch us no matter what. Here are some natural solutions that you can use-

  •    Oil massage: – Regular oil massage will surely strengthen your hair roots as it will circulate more blood to the scalp. You can Heat the small amount of oil and apply it on the scalp by applying pressure with your fingers. Do it once a week to get better results.
  •    Natural juice– You can apply any one of the natural juice like garlic juice or onion juice or ginger juice. These fluids prevent hair fall as they have high sulphur content in them. Onion juice is one of the best remedy used by people these days as it has an anti-bacterial property which will remove all the germs, parasites from the scalp.
  •    Antioxidants: – One of the popular antioxidant, Green tea enhances hair growth. You can apply warm green tea and keep it for an hour, and then wash it thoroughly.
  •    Healthy diet– This is vital to bear in mind that only external care of hair is not sufficient, internal care must be taken by making sure that your body contains abundant nutrients. Fish, meat, egg, and vitamin B, etc. are essential to consume as they do promote hair growth.
  •    Stress management: – Next comes, another important part which is stress management. If you are stressed out, then no therapy in the world can stop your hair loss. Always have enough sleeping hours and do take out time for meditation and relaxation.

If you have temporary hair loss, then these remedies are surely gonna help you out. Other solutions to hair restoration includes

  • Nutrition- Protein rich foods and healthy fats ensure your hair gets proper nutrition. Always go for foods rich in Biotin and Zinc such as Eggs, Spinach, Fish, and Chicken, if you are suffering from hair issues.
  • Laser Light Therapy- One of the latest treatments for Hair Loss that stimulates the blood flow to the hair follicle.
  • Hair Transplant- Hair Transplant now becomes a minimally invasive procedure that will leave you with a full head of hair and that too forever.
  • Finasteride: Another medicine for re-growing hair. It works by blocking DHT. This medicine comes along with some temporary side effects.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma: PRP works by extracting Plasma from your blood only and is then injected in the scalp. Plasma is responsible for tissue growth and healing.
  • Mesotherapy: A technique similar to Platelet Rich Plasma works on the principle of micro-injuries on your scalp so that your body loosens its natural growth and healing factors to promote hair growth.
  • Minoxidil– Another US: FDA approved treatment for stopping hair loss. One of the most famous drug in the world to treat hair loss by ensuring maximum blood flow to the hair follicle. It will make your existing hair thick and healthy.

Not only these, but there are also abundant of hair solution available to help you in the restoration of your hair. But it is imperative to understand that the above treatments are all gradual and it is vital to consult experts to deal with permanent as well as temporary hair issues.